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Cannabis Oil Tincture 10ml, 1.5g Pure Cannabis Extract

Our Cannabis Oil is supplied in 10ml and 20 ml bottles, with a dropper, which ensures precise dosages and prevents wastage.

Each 10ml bottle contains 1.5 grams of pure cannabis mixed with extra virgin olive oil.



Also called Rick Simpson Oil, our medical Cannabis Oil is extracted from medicinal cannabis we grow ourselves. Our extraction process is non-toxic and does not contain any solvent residue.

There are hundreds of uses of cannabis oil including treatment of cancer, pain, Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and many more.

We supply cannabis oil to South Africa.  Overnight delivery to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban; normal delivery to the rest of S.A.

Cannabis Oil Recommended Usage

Cannabis is a powerful herb and therefore we therefore recommend a slow, step by step process to begin.

Please note this product is very strong and should be taken with consideration to your personal tolerance.  

If you have never used cannabis oil before start with:

  • 1 drop/day at night for 3 days then
  • 2 drops/day at night for 3 days then
  • 3 drops/day, or more, depending on your personal tolerance


Start with one drop at night; observe the results and gradually adjust the dosage. The more you take the better and the quicker you will notice improvements in the condition you are treating.

The drops are taken orally just before retiring. The natural ingredients give Phoenix Tears an oily, grassy taste. For those who don’t mind the taste, the drops can be taken under the tongue, which gives more effective and immediate absorption. Alternatively, you may take the drops with small biscuit before you retire.

Every person is different. Most people will have immediate health benefits in others it takes a while for benefits to manifest. In a small percentage of cases there may initially be a feeling of light headedness. The oil starts a detoxification process which may make you feel slightly worse, before the healing begins. It is important to persevere, as your body takes a few days to adjust to any healing process. To enjoy the considerable health benefits, continue to take the drops regularly.

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2 reviews for Cannabis Oil Tincture 10ml, 1.5g Pure Cannabis Extract

  1. Emiliano Nicolis

    We have been using Phoenix Tears since 2015 after having tried many other products without success. It helps relieve arthritis pain and swelling very much and is also very effective in helping with better sleep. We also use it for chronic pain in our pet dog. We strongly recommend it.

  2. Cindy Kruger

    The Phoenix Tears Oil is truly amazing. It has helped my 86 year old mother beyond words.

    She broke her hip one and a half years ago and after the surgery she was in an enormous amount of pain and she had inflammation, arthritis, severe bladder infections, tremor in her hands and many other ailments, which lasted for months. . It felt like we were losing her because she was very frail, weak and sick. She was on large doses of morphine, which caused her to sleep all day and sometimes she became delusional, but thanks to the oil we were able to stop the morphine and she regained her strength and mind and she became engaged in life again – all her ailments resolved and the tremor is completely under control.

    She takes Phoenix Tears Oil regularly and it is her saving grace. It has kept her healthy and pain free and her quality of life has improved tremendously. She cannot live without the miracle oil.

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