What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil Creator

In 2003, Canadian Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Soon after his cancer diagnosis, he read a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that showed THC could kill cancer cells in mice.  He extracted all the goodness of cannabis into an oil and called it Rick Simpson Oil.

Simpson was already a fan of medical cannabis — he’d been using it to treat tinnitus and dizzy spells caused after falling and hitting his head several years earlier.  Quite simply, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), also known as Phoenix Tears is a potent, concentrated form of the cannabis plant.  Also known as Dagga Oil, Weed oil, Hemp Oil, Cannabis Cure Oil, Run From the Cure Oil, F.E.C.O (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Ronnie Smith Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil (like you used to get “back in the day”) Cannabis extract, or simply hash oil. Whatever you call it, it is strong medicine that cures most cancers and can treat many disorders/diseases in the body.  

Listen to Rick Simpson speaking on the It’s Rainmaking Time! podcast 
Introduction to Rick Simpson

Kim Greenhouse
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Its Rainmaking Time. This is Kim Greenhouse. I have to tell you that necessity really is the mother of invention because if it weren’t for my dear friend Eric’s having a tumour behind her nose that’s growing and the threat of her premature passing, I would not have been open to the man that you’re about to meet today or the applications and solutions that he’s going to be bringing you. He is the world-renowned hemp oil man, Rick Simpson, who has been bringing the medicinal application of hemp, specifically hemp oil to people who not only have cancer, but to other terrible diseases who have been significantly helped with this application.

Brainwashed about Cannabis

I used to think that anything regarding cannabis, the leaf, that there was no medicinal applications, I used to believe that people who were getting prescriptions for cannabis, were using it just to smoke dope, that I’m one of the people that ingested that wrongfully, and that I never considered before based on my own brainwashing through the media and through just socialization, that hemp oil, when used properly and in the right dosage, and also grown from the right seeds, can assist people in healing from terrible diseases like cancer and other diseases. So I want you all to know that I consider myself very conservative. And I consider myself somebody who would never if you ask me have been brainwashed by this, but I was brainwashed. I’m owning that now. And I am open to looking at talking about and bringing forth and sharing with others solutions that will assist people in all fields. It is my great honour to bring Rick Simpson to its rainmaking time, one of the people who has courageously stood up to an unfair cabal that doesn’t want people to be well, that doesn’t want people to heal that has a monopoly on everything connected to healing, that if they have the opportunity, they’ll take away all medicinal applications of supplements, herbs and everything else. You all know what who are listening. Rick is the founder of the Phoenix Tears foundation. And he travels all over the world speaking. He saved many lives himself, he has been harassed by the police establishment of Canada almost run out of Canada. His life is always under threat. He’s never made a penny saving people’s lives and healing people. This man is to be applauded. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Rick Simpson to its rainmaking time. Good morning.

Rick Simpson
Good morning cameras, great to be with you here always happy to get the message out.

Kim Greenhouse
I think the first thing I had to do was tell the truth about my own brainwashing and my own socialization, because if I can’t, very few people, can it. There’s got to be room for people to first say, you know what, I have a prejudice about this. And it’s irrational and it’s ingrained. So let me be one of the additional people that have had to come forward and say I’ve been brainwashed, I’ve been socialized to believe something that isn’t true. And if it were true, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies would not be involved in patenting this material. So, the first thing I want you to share is about the documentary Run From The Cure. What was your role in it? I know, it was all about your work and your story. But how did it come to be?

About Run From The Cure Movie

Rick Simpson
Well, there was a young man in Amherst named Christian Lorette. And he had heard about what I was doing. So, a friend of his brought him down to meet me. And then he came down a few days later. And he’s seen some of the patients, you know, coming and going. But, you know, it’s so hard to get your head wrapped around this, you know, at the end of the day, he you know, he said to me, he said, this is not believable. But during the day, I seen him moving in the chair, and I could see pain on his face every now and then. And just when he said that, you know, it was unbelievable. He moved, and I seen the pain again. And I asked him I said What’s wrong with you? And he said, I have scoliosis, and he said, do you know what that is? And I said, Yes, I know what it is. And he said, Well, what would this oil do for this type of thing? And I said, well, it would heal it. And he didn’t really believe it. You know, I know he didn’t, you could see it right in his face. But I gave him a tube of oil. And a few days later I seen him and he told me, he said after that first dose of oil, he said within five hours, he never had a pain in his back again. So, he was the that was the reason he made Run From The Cure. And he’s gone out and he’s interviewed many, many patients that have used this, you know, the medicine is it’s literally a cure all. It works on all types of you know, diseases, and it promotes full body healing. You know, it’s not just about cancer or chronic pain or multiple sclerosis. You know, all of these horrible things that the medical system likes to tell us it’s incurable. Well, when the oil comes into play, everything changes. You know, this is real medicine, medicine from nature. And it’s harmless, there’s no addiction to it. There’s no danger, you don’t die from this medicine. I mean, even simple things like aspirin, 1000s of people die worldwide every year from aspirin, but nobody dies from cannabis. But really all I’m doing, I’m just producing. And what I started doing was, I started producing the essential oil from the cannabis plant. I just took the, you know, the buds off of female plants, I put them in a plastic bucket. And then I used the solvent to wash off the resin, because it’s the resin that has the medicinal value. And then I just filter it all and boil the solvent off. And when the oil is done, it’s like a thick grease. But I found by just ingesting that… what I recommend people do is to ingest it three times a day, if you’ve got something serious, take it, you know, early in the morning, mid-afternoon, and about an hour before you go to bed. But you start with little tiny doses. And then every four days, you know, increase your dose. Because this is a very potent medication. I mean, it’ll knock an elephant down. But the healing effects of this medicine are just beyond belief. You know, I’ve seen it heal everything that every disease that I know of. Actually, I don’t know of a disease that it doesn’t work on. And I’ve challenged the medical system over and over on interviews and things. You know, if you have anything for any condition that’s better than this oil, then show it to me. You know, all of these medical experts and you know, I’ve challenged them all come on the air take me on, they won’t do it.

Kim Greenhouse
Well, they definitely know that cannabinoids are, I guess, there’s another word for it too. We have receptors in our brain, right? In our physiology?

Cannabinoid Receptors in the Human Body

Rick Simpson
CB one and CB two receptors are everywhere. And you know, it’s just part of our endocannabinoid system. Animals have it too.

Can you talk about that, Rick?

Well, I mean, you know, our bodies produce natural cannabinoids called anandamides. And, you know, we all have cancer every day, every one of us have cancer, and we all have cancer because our bodies make these cancer cells. But if our immune systems are working properly, our immune system will kill these cells. But when our immune system becomes compromised, you know, if you have the flu, or if you take, like antibiotics, that type of thing, your immune system is compromised. And that’s when cancer rears its ugly head. And once it gets a foothold, it’s very hard, you know, for like for the natural anandamides, you know, to do the job. So usually, then the cancer starts to flourish. But what we found with this oil, if you decarboxylate the oil which rotates the molecules in the oil to the Delta nine position, the active position, these cannabinoids, from the hemp plant, will fit right into the receptors, the same as our natural anandamides do. So we’ve seen this over and over again, in all types of cancer. And it just destroys the cancer. That’s all there is to it. And I love working with people like with lung cancer, leukaemia… these cancers are very noticeable, you know… the improvements are not unusual. Like with somebody with lung cancer, it’s not unusual to see the improvements every day, you know, they can walk further. They’re breathing better. It’s just amazing what the substance can do. And it’s truly a horror story, you know, what the medical system is doing to us all. It’s just all about the money. They don’t give a damn about us.

Kim Greenhouse
That’s very, very clear. Now, can you talk a little bit about some of the people that you have worked with some of the details. I know a lot of this was in the documentary, which really everybody should see. But just a couple of the people that you have provided hemp oil to what you noticed where they started, what their dosage was, and what happened after just a few applications if you could?

Cannabis Oil Dosage for Cancer

Rick Simpson
Well, you know, when I tell people the standard treatment for cancer, if you have a serious internal cancer…. If you’ve had no chemo or radiation, the standard treatment is 60 grams of this oil over a three-month period. Although I have seen people do it much quicker. I’ve seen people cure their terminal cancer in one month. You know, there’s no danger to the medicine. So, I encourage people that have serious health issues to ingest it as quickly as they can handle it, but to stay in their own comfort zone. But all of the things we’ve been told… I know when I mentioned it in the book I just put out, one of the patients I treated, his name was Keith Duncan in Amherst. And Keith, he had both lungs full of cancer. His breathing was down to 70%. The doctors didn’t even offer him treatment. They just told him to go home and die. So, his son and his wife, they called me and I went over and I met Keith and I had a fellow with me from Macann called Rick Dwyer. He was doing an investigation, you know, for the Legion. And when I went in, Keith was sitting there and he had a cigarette in his hands. You know, he’s 79 years old, and he looked at me and he said, I suppose you’re gonna tell me to stop this. And I just looked at him and I said, No, Keith, I don’t care if you smoke or not. It doesn’t make any difference. Well, the follow up was doing the investigation and kind of shook his head. And after we left Keith’s house, he looked at me and he said, you know, Rick, he said, you can’t say things like that. And I said, Well, why not? I said, we’re both in our 50s. And I said, we’ve smoked all our lives, we’re still alive. So I don’t really think that I don’t think cigarettes are good for you, mind you, but I don’t think they’re that deadly either. So actually, what happened, Keith smoked two packages a day for the whole 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, both lungs were clear, and his breathing was back to 100%. Wow, total miracle. But people have a hard time absorbing it. You know, I had when I was treating Keith, there was a neighbour used to drop over all the time. And me come over. He was over there quite often. And he knew all about this. But it was about a year later, he called me and he said that his wife had cancer. And he asked me on the phone, he said, does this really work? You just seen his neighbour curative terminal lung cancer, and he’s asking me if it works.

Kim Greenhouse
See, that’s the part of him that was brainwashed. Me, too.

Rick Simpson
Oh, yeah, we all were there. We all were, you know, we’ve been fed such a pack of lies about this. You know, like, from the time I was young, I used to worry, used to see my friends smoking it. See, I never really started smoking Hemp until I was about 35. But I used to see them, you know, they’d start and they pop on these joints. And then they start coughing. And I honestly thought that they were hurting themselves, you know, I thought I was damaging them. But when you get to understand what the oil is actually doing, it’s you know, it’s an expectorant. And it makes you cough up all of the, you know, the toxins that we breathe in a cigarette, the tars from the cigarette smoke and everything, you cough it all up. And that’s the best thing that you know, that can happen. But they’ve actually tested the lungs of people that smoked hemp, and their lungs are just as pink as somebody that doesn’t smoke at all. So there there’s no danger or damage to this. But people have such a hard time you know, with the brainwashing, they have such a hard time believing that it’s so simple to heal yourself. You know, anybody can go out. If you can get you know, your hands on a pound of good, you know, Indica bud, the heavy, sedated bud, that’s what I use, the type that makes you want to go lay down when you smoke it. That’s what you make the medicine from. And, you know, like I said, the results have just been phenomenal. But I really can’t say any disease at all.

Testimonial about Cannabis Oil Britt Dwyers

I mean, we’ve seen well, like Britt Dwyers father, he was he was in the hospital in Amherst dying with lung cancer, they’d given him 24 hours to live. And I gave a tube of oil to Rick. And he went in and he asked the doctor to give it to his father. Well, the doctor refused. You know, he said, I won’t be responsible. So, Rick went in and he took a little piece of cracker. And his father, you know, was really in bad shape. He swelled right up. They give him a dose of chemo and he swelled up like a balloon. And he was a diabetic and even his legs split open. It was that bad. But Rick went into the hospital, put a good, good big dose of oil on a cracker and fed it to his father. And he went home for the night. And his father could hardly breathe, you know, because of all the fluid in the lungs. So Rick left his two brothers there on the death watch. And the next morning when he went in, the brothers told him they said within a half an hour, his breathing went right back to normal. And his vital signs had been dropping, you know steadily because he was dying. And then all of a sudden, the vital signs stabilized. Well, the next morning when Rick was talking to the doctors, and the doctor said, you know, this often happens just before they pass away. Well, Rick Dwyer wasn’t having any of that. He just he turned on to his mother. And he said, look, if you want to save dad, we got to get him out of this hospital. So, Rick took them home. Now, his father was taking about 24 pills a day. And on top of that, he’d been a diabetic for around 35 years, I think it was two needles a day he was taking. And within a month, Rick took them off all the medications, the only thing he was taking was the oil. And then within six weeks, he didn’t even need insulin anymore. And at the end of the 90 days, Rick asked me about the diabetes. And I said, well, you know, this substance rejuvenates vital organs. So, I said, I strongly suspect that it’s rejuvenated his pancreas so is producing the insulin that it should. So, we took him off the oil for 10 days. And he had nothing at all. And his blood sugar stayed smack on, no problems at all. But with diabetics, like when his father found out that he didn’t need insulin anymore. Well, he was just like a kid in a candy store. You know, he loved chocolates and ice creams and all these things he couldn’t eat for all these years. Well, he certainly made up for it.Tto see this medicine in action. It just boggles the mind. But the thing is about this that they can’t defeat this. There’s no possible way to defeat it because it’s too simple. And this is what I always tell people when I do interviews, like don’t you don’t have to believe a word I’m saying. Simply go out and get one ounce of good hemp bud, you know preferably I always use the Indica, but for Skin Conditions, even a Sativa would work. But just get one ounce of good cannabis bud… that should produce between three to four grams of this high-grade oil. And then just go out and find someone with a skin cancer, or a diabetic ulcer that won’t heal or a severe burn, and put that oil on. And, put a bandage on and change it every three days. And just watch what happens, you know, it heals it in no time.

Cannabis Oil and 3rd Degree Burns

Like that I had I had a severe third degree burn myself, and I do mean severe. I’m like three quarters of my right hand literally melted, was hanging and gobs. My girlfriend came in… this is back when I first made the oil, I wound up setting myself on fires is what happened. But the reason for that was I was pulling all these chemicals the medical system was giving me, and I couldn’t think right, you know, so I got a little careless. And that’s what happened. But when my girlfriend came in, and she seen the hand, she just shook her head, and she got a pair of scissors and cut, you know, it was just these big gobs hanging so she cut it off. You don’t feel it, because you know, it’s all dead. And so, it was about four days later, she said, you know, Rick, you have to go to a doctor about this. So finally, I agreed. So I went in, and I seen this doctor, and he looked at my hand and he said, when did you do this? And I said, well, four or five days ago. He said, My god man, there’s nothing I can do for you, you know, you’ve got a third degree burns. And he said, he said, I’ll have to, I want you to come back in seven days. And he said, we’re gonna have to take skin grafts from your back and all of this to try to repair some of this damage. So, I never thought nothing about it, you know, he just wrapped my hand in gauze. So I went home and I had oil, I was trying to make the oil. So, in no time I had the gauze all soaked in the oil solvent mix. And the weird part of this is I didn’t even understand or didn’t notice what was happening myself. But the seven days went by, and I went back into the doctor’s office. And when I put my hand out, his eyes got as big as two saucers. And he was looking at my hand. He said seven days ago, you had third degree burns. He said, all is there today’s pink skin. It completely healed, there was no scars, even the hair follicles all grew back. So, you know the medicine really, until you understand it, it can really blow your mind. But it’s a wonderful medicine. And it’s such a shame that people have been, you know, brought up to believe that there’s some harm factor here. There is no harm. And in reality, to me, this is the only, well, there are many forms of real medicine in nature. But I don’t know why people think that they’re going to get something from a pill or poison factory that’s going to help them. Uou know, the healing is in nature. And we have to use nature. The whole thing was just a con-game. The big money guys played on us years ago when they took over the medical schools and they started their foundations. You know, these are the same people that owned the chemical factories. What a great way to sell chemicals, convince the people that this is medicine, and we can sell all kinds of this. And this is what they did. You know allopathic medicine. That’s all it’s about, you know, chemicals and poisons. But empiric medicine, medicine from plants. We’ve used it for 1000s of years with great results. Well, obviously they value this application because they filed patents on it.

USA Held a Cannabis Patent in 2003

Rick Simpson
Oh yeah, the American government’s had a patent since 2003. But they never brought it out. And they’ve known how to cure cancer forever. I mean, we know about the medical school of Virginia study in the 70s. That’s where I originally got the information. But I’ve told people right along that I firmly believe that they’ve known how to cure cancer for I would say about 150 years.

Kim Greenhouse
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Talk about the Virginia Medical School, what you found out.

Cannabis Oil, the Beginning

Rick Simpson
My cousin died a horrible death in 1972 and 25 years of age from cancer. And about three years after I was leaving work, I was I worked at a hospital here in Spring Hill, I was just pulling out of the hospital yard. When this report came on the radio. You know, it said THC, the active ingredient in marijuana has been found to kill cancer. But the announcer was laughing like a fool. You know, I don’t know why it is. But every time when you mentioned the word marijuana, somebody’s got to make a joke out of it. Well, believe me, this is no joke. But it was almost Well, I had a severe head injury in 97. And they put me on all kinds of chemicals and everything. It just made me worse and worse and worse. As a matter of fact, in 1999, I had a shotgun in my mouth that was ready to end it all, because I didn’t really think there was any hope. What did you have Rick

Post Concussion Syndrome. My head rings, 24 hours a day, they’ve measured the level of the noise levels, or when at the very best are at about 93 decibels. And it you know, like it can go up even much, much louder than that. It makes it it’s very miserable to try to live with this because the noise takes over your life. It drives your blood pressure crazy. And I had balance issues, you know, because I did have a severe head injury. And, you know, I went for like five years, you know, trying, I believed in the medical system. I took their pills, I did it all. But I just kept getting worse. And then in 2000, you know, I’m in 1998, I watched an episode of the nature of things with Dr. David Suzuki. And they were showing people that were smoking pot. And I thought well, you know, why not? So, I got some pot, and sure enough, just smoking the pot work better than anything the doctors are giving me. But it’s still, you know, with all this noise, I couldn’t sleep. So, in night after I went through that we’re almost committed suicide, I really started thinking, you know, like, I’ve got to help myself. So, I produce the essential oil from the hemp plant. But at that point, I was afraid to take it because I didn’t know anything about it. And I you know, I thought it could hurt me. But in 2001, the medical system cut me loose, they just called me and the doctor called me to his office one day, he said, we’ve given you everything we have, nothing worked, so, you’re on your own. So you know, I again, I asked him for a prescription for him, but he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t provide it. So, I went home and I started taking the oil. Well, and as soon as I started taking the oil steadily, like the sleeping was no longer an issue. You know, I could I could take the oil and go to bed for 810 12 hours, it would just knock you out. But I started seeing these improvements and my thinking started clearing up, my arthritis in my knees went away. It was just so many, you know, so many wonderful things that it did for me. But I couldn’t believe the medical system, you know, would turn their back on this. And when I when I started, you know, contacting all the government parties. And well I mean I went to the Cancer Society, I we went to the United Nations, I went to everybody about this. And I thought within six months, you know, this medicine would be in use. But instead they turned around and they prosecuted me. So, it was it was a pretty sad situation.

How did the prosecution manifest itself? In other words where you were arrested?

Oh, yeah. So well, they raided me in 2003. But they never charged me on that raid. Then in 2005, you know, I did everything openly. I never hid anything from from anyone. So, in 2005, we’d had a meeting at American Legion, and I had about 10 or 12 patients there. And, you know, they explained what the oil had done for them to the audience. And we videotaped it all. So, I took you know, I took these videotapes, and I made copies, and I sent them into W Five, the Fifth Estate and David Suzuki all these different shows, you know, information shows, and I thought they would do something. But of course, they never did the thing. And then three months before I was rated in 2005. I took a video into the RCMP, the same thing, you know, telling them you know, like, I wanted some of the local politicians charged with criminal negligence causing death. But three months later, the same detachment comes and raids me. You know, I had 1600 plants in my backyard, because I mean, I was producing i was growing the plants producing the oil and giving the medicine away. But they didn’t want that to take place. So, they come down and did that raid, and I was charged with traffic. cultivation and possession. And then in 2006, I put another 1100 plants in my backyard, because I just kept thinking, you know, these people have to wake up. Sooner or later. I mean, everybody has family members that are suffering with something that this oil can help them with. So, I just thought it would just be a matter of time. But here it is now, almost 10 years later. And here in Canada, they’re still not doing anything. As a matter of fact, they’re going the other way.

Rick Simpson
But I went through a charter challenge over this. See in Canada, under the charter rights, we have the right to life. But you know, to me, it’s just a piece of paper, because, you know, they say we have the right to life, but we don’t have the right to use man’s oldest known and safest medication. So, I went through all of this, this charter challenge, some of the things that judge did, during that case, were just so off the wall, they didn’t even make any sense. And anyway, he said, I presented no life-threatening conditions. So according to him, like skin cancer and things like that, and post-concussion syndrome, they’re not life threatening, you know, because he’s, he’s a judge. He knows nothing about medicine, he had no right to even make such a determination. So, I went back into the court system, and I went to the Supreme Court, and Nova Scotia with a jury. And they wouldn’t. I had 10 patients and six doctors ready to testify. They wouldn’t let them on the stand. They said it had nothing to do with my case. And I had ten boxes full of scientific evidence to back me up, you weren’t allowed to introduce that either. The only person who was allowed to testify for me was me. And I spent about two hours on the stand. And I explained it all to the jury what had taken place. And as a matter of fact, some of these jury members, I had treated family members of some of these people. And so we went through the case, and at the end of it, like everybody was convinced that I beat them. And we were the jury was only out for three hours, they call them back. And so we went into the end of the courtroom while I stood there, and all of a sudden they get up and is guilty, guilty. Guilty. And I was flabbergasted. You know, all I could think was guilty of what, you know? Healing?

Kim Greenhouse
What do they say you’re guilty of trafficking.

Rick Simpson
trafficking. Yeah. And well see, in by definition, trafficking means the exchange of goods for monetary gain. Well, I didn’t gain anything. You know, the whole thing was, the whole thing was just a sham. But the very next day, one of the people that had been in the audience, she had seen the crown prosecutor actually in the jury room about three minutes before they came in with my verdict, he tampered with the verdict or with the jury to make sure I was found guilty. That’s how they did it.

Kim Greenhouse
So when you’re found guilty, even if it’s a kangaroo court, what then happened to you?

Rick Simpson
Well, you still wind like I did you wind up with a criminal record. And kangaroo or not, you know, they give you a record. And you know, you’re classified as a criminal, which is ridiculous. As a matter of fact, that same crown prosecutor just here a few months ago, another case in Amherst, involving a man making the oil and providing it to people, they took him into court. And this time, he was caught again, leaving the jury room. And the bailiffs and everything tried to lie for him, but they all get caught in a lie. But that man should have been disbarred immediately. I mean, he’s a criminal. But instead, they just dismissed the case. So they just try to keep sweeping it under the rug. And you know, what I found, there’s no justice in Canada. These people just make up the rules as they go. But when I finished in 2008, I was sentenced in February 2008. And after that, I mean, well, I was very disgusted. I was ready to leave Canada. But people kept coming. You know, they’re there early in the evening, early in the morning, seven, eight o’clock, they’d be beating on my door. And I mean, I was tired, but I couldn’t turn my back on them. So, I just kept treating people. Well, so for the following almost two years. The following two years, they just left me alone. But then when I went to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, they made me freedom fighter of the year. But while I was there, the police come in, and they did another raid, but it really wasn’t a raid. They went into frame me is what they did. They tried to say that there were 70 pounds of pot in my house, which was ridiculous. What they did, they went out my backyard and they dug up 70 pounds of compost and put it in plastic bags and carted it away. And then they tried to say that I had restricted weapons. Well, when I left Canada, all it was in my house was a child’s pellet gun. That’s not a restricted weapon. And then they tried to say that there were booby traps. Well, the day that my son had taken me to the airport to fly over Amsterdam, there had been some garbage bags or two or three garbage bags in my deck. And he drove some nails through boards and put them around the garbage bags so the bears wouldn’t get into them. And this is what they said were the booby traps, you know that the RCMP were in fear of their lives. Well, that was a bunch of nonsense because they had raided my house three times previously. They had never found any boobie-traps, they had never found any guns. There was nothing like that. But you know that they’ll play to the press, you know, and then the press prints all of these lies in it, you know, and they tried to make you look like you’re a dangerous man. But, you know, I just can’t figure these people out anymore. I know what’s wrong with the world is being run by psychopaths. That’s the biggest problem. They basically arranged it. So, you know, they get people like, yes, men. You know, remember when we were in school, the people that were the teacher’s pet, and you know, the real suck ups? Well, those are the ones that later on, they become doctors and lawyers and police officers. And they’re basically psychopathic themselves. You know, they go around and enforce these idiotic laws, which make no sense.  And the worst of it is with the police. I treated several police officers and their families. You know, when they get sick enough, they don’t have any inhibitions then, they’ll come and take the oil. But their fellow officers, they continue on with the raids. And you know, it’s truly, it’s just, truly amazing that this this can even happen in this day and age. You know, we’re in the information age, and there’s so much information on the subject now and you go on the internet, and, you know, Dave Triplett, Dennis Hill, Shauna Banda, all of these people are putting up wonderful videos and explaining to the public what this does for them. So, they know we are winning the battle, but it should have been one years ago,

Kim Greenhouse
we’re gonna take a quick break, and we’ll be right back, I want to share with you one of my favorite books about water. I’m a big water advocate, and I do tons of research on water. It’s called dancing with water, the new science of water, a guide to naturally treating structuring, enhancing and revitalizing your water by MJ Pangman, and Melanie Evans. If you really want to understand the central role of water in your body, and how it relates to your health, and you want to learn about the amazing properties that water has and all that it can do for yourselves and your mitochondria. If you want to find out why it is that water is not just H2O, but that water can enhance your health critically, pick up this book called Dancing With Water, the New Science of Water where MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans bridge the gap between the ancient knowledge of water and the new knowledge of water and bring it home to you. So, you can include this information in this knowledge in your day-t- day life and feed yourselves. Feed your mitochondria. And get the best water that you can get into your bodies, go to their website, dancing with water at dancingwithwater.com and pick up this book. Alright, and back to the show.

I wondered if we could speak a little more in depth about the issue of seeds, how a person gets seeds, how long it takes to grow a plant for people that are not well and maybe have their lives threatened with death at their door. I know you talked about there’s a certain type of a plant that they should have or a certain type of bud. Talk a little bit about the Science part?

Strains of Cannabis for Making Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson
Well, when it comes to hemp, there’s three main varieties of hemp. There’s ruderalis, which is more or less, like Russian, industrial hemp. And then there’s the Indica strains, which are, if you smoke them, very sedative. And then you have the sativa strains. And the sativa strains are very energizing. And that’s the reason I don’t use the Sativa’s, because you don’t want to terminal cancer patient energized. You want them sleeping and resting, because that’s part of the healing process. So, you know, I like I you know, it was a bit of experimental stage in the first place when I first started this, but I soon discovered that the Sativa’s we’re not a good thing to use. But the heavy Indica strains, and even the Indica Sativa crosses that are Indica dominant, say like 80%, Indica, 20% Sativa. Right. Quite a few of those strains will work very well. There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of strains that are very medicinal. But the problem is right now is when you send for seeds, you’re never sure what you’re going to get, right? No, I sent for 14 strains one time, and they tell you to pick up the strains you want. And then they tell you to pick out the alternate. If they don’t have this strain, what else would you like? So I picked out 14 strains and 14 alternates. And now that’s 28 strains I picked out out of that 28 I got one. And it was an alternate. So, you know when people are dying with cancer or they need this, you know, for medication, you know, when they send to the seed companies, they need the heavy sedated strains, but you’re never sure that you know that you’re going to get it, and that’s really quite a big problem. And that’s something I would like to address in the near future. I would like to start a breeding program with the most medicinal strains in the world and then stabilize them. And then when people you know needed seeds to grow their medicine will at lease then they would know what they’re getting. But there are some good strains, like LA Confidential. There’s many of these heavy Indica strains that work, just work magic. But I still think that we could we could do it even better.

Kim Greenhouse
What do you envision? do you envision a breading program for seeds? Do you think that that would be done in the United States or outside?

Rick Simpson
Well, I’m not planning on coming to… I can’t even get into the United States because of my criminal past. So, I’m looking probably this fall, I’m going down to South America to see what’s happening there. I hear there’s a lot of legalization going on. So as soon as I can find the right country, you know, I would like to set up a huge breeding program, and stabilize, you know, the strains of hemp, and at the same time, treat people because all it takes is a simple process of elimination. You know, the oil works wonderfully anyway. But, you know, like, some oils are better for glaucoma, you know, like, control of ocular pressure, other strains are better for diabetes, you know, some strains are better for pain relief. So, you know, we’ve got to get these strains nailed down, which are the best. And once we have that, then, like I said, supply the seeds to everybody. And then they know what they’re growing.

Kim Greenhouse
How long did the seeds last? Like, if you have a pack of seeds? Do you have to grow them within a certain amount of time? How does it work?

Rick Simpson
Well, it depends on how they’re stored there. If you store them seeds, most people just keep them you know, in the refrigerator. I didn’t put it in the freezing part, but I used to keep them in the refrigerator just to keep them cool. And seeds will they will keep for quite a few years that way. But usually what happens every year, if you had 100 seeds, like every year, you’ll less and less of them will pop because you know due to the age, but I am from what I understand they found they said they found hemp seeds in the pyramids. And surprisingly, they’ve been there for over 3000 years. Surprisingly, those seeds would still pop. So, it’s just an amazing plant.

Kim Greenhouse
You know what this reminds me of how we talk about writers and poets and artistic people, you know how it’s said that the poetry finds the poet? Yes. And the story finds the person as much as the person finds the story, or as part of the story? I really feel like there’s a poetic artistry relationship between you and cannabis, that you couldn’t get away from it if you tried. Because it’s now your calling. This is a calling.

George Washington was  Pot Head

Rick Simpson
After I discovered what the oil could do. Yes, it took a completely took over my life. There’s no question. But it’s the people in the States would only understand like the founding fathers of the United States of America, you know, George Washington, he grew cannabis. Thomas Jefferson, big him supporter. You know, Benjamin Franklin, Abe Lincoln, they’ve you know, these people that well today, by today’s terms, these great leaders and great statesmen would be called potheads. You know the same people that wrote the Declaration of Independence, the constitution, would be called potheads today. It’s ridiculous that people just don’t know the history of this you know, it’s like I said, this is my oldest known safest medication. It goes back to 2800 BC China was the earliest writings about him to use in medicine and no one has ever died with the use of cannabis medicine but yet you know the system we have today well they were sooner sell us poisons and chemicals and you know, it’s just a game they don’t want us to live long enough to ever collect the pension you know, work for 30 years, drop on your face and we’ll bury you, that’s what they want.

Kim Greenhouse
Some people say oh, I go to the health food store and I get him seeds that should be enough that’s not what you mean.

Rick Simpson
No, no, no, him Sam sees are very beneficial. I mean, you can live off hemp seeds. It’s one of the few things on this planet that if you have nothing else but cannabis seeds, you can live on it. But hemp seed oil, it is a wonderful substance. It’s good for circulation, you know, cardiovascular, that type of thing. But it won’t cure cancer because it doesn’t have the cannabinoids in it. You know, the cannabinoids, they form as the plant is growing, they form on the bottom of the plant and on the leaves. So, you know, this is what really does the healing. But hemp seed oil is very beneficial and cannabis seeds are probably the greatest food on this planet. But often people get it mixed up. I know a lot of people were mad at me because I call this oil hemp oil. And they said, Well, you know, like, is this the same as the hemp oil we buy, you know, in health food stores? And I said no, that’s hemp seed oil. It’s mis-labeled. That’s the problem. It should have been labeled with hemp seed oil, then people would understand. But they contacted me, they wanted to change me to change the name of the oil. You know, this is like four years after run from the cure result. And which I thought was ridiculous. And I said, Look, I mean, all I do I take the cannabis plant, I make the essential oil from the hemp plant. So, what else would you call it? It’s hemp oil. There’s been a lot of difficulties over that, but I hope to publish clear on that now.

Kim Greenhouse
I’m glad you cleared it up. Actually. Would it be correct if I understood the kind of oil That you have made and helped people with an essential oil extract. Is it an extract? Yes, it’s an extract. Okay. Totally different molecularly I would imagine too.

Rick Simpson
This oil that I make is just full of cannabinoids and I’ve had my oils tested in Hebrew University in Jersusalem, they tested my oil. I work with some of the greatest experts in the world in this field.

Kim Greenhouse
Can you share a little bit about that, because that’s interesting.

Rick Simpson
They tested my oils there and they found, the last oil I had tested was 97.6 percent pure cannabinoids, which is very, very high.  This method that I’ve showed everybody, you know the simple use of a rice cooker, it’s all on my documentary Run From The Cure, and the information is up on our website too how anybody can produce their own medicine.  And I mean anybody, because if you follow the instructions, once you’ve made the medicine once, you’ll find that it’s really no harder to make this medicine than it is to make a cup of coffee.  If you have a pound of dry hemp bud, within usually about 3 hours, the medicine is sitting there ready to use.  It’s so simple.  And so many people now, I don’t know, worldwide, I know it must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people now have used this medicine, and the results, they speak for themselves. These testimonials we get, and the emails are just so positive, it’s truly amazing to hear. 

Time From Seed to Oil

Kim Greenhouse
Have you ever timed the application from planting the seed to the plant being ready? 

Rick Simpson
Oh yes, you see again it depends on the strains that you’re growing.  Most of these Indica strains, they have quite a short growing season.  Here in Canada most people that grow outdoors they grow the Indica strains because usually around the 20th of September they’re ready for harvest.  You know about 3, 3 and a half months in the ground, they’re ready to harvest.  But there are Sativa strains that maybe take 5 months or more to mature.  You can’t really grow those strains here because our growing season isn’t long enough.  But the Indicas they have the short growing season and they have the healing power so I firmly believe that Indicas are the way to go.  

Kim Greenhouse

Have you ever met people that grew plants indoors instead of outdoors and would it affect the strength or capability of it?

Rick Simpson
I grew them indoors and out.  I used to buy quite a bit of material from other growers.  My favorite to work with is outdoor plants because if you have a good grow year and a good, you know, lots of sun, I found that they are the most potent.  But I’ve made a lot of medicine from indoor crops and it healed people the same way as the outdoor crop.  I don’t care if you grow it indoors or outdoors but for God’s sake grow it.  

Cannabis Oil Dosage

Kim Greenhouse
Very interesting.  Can you talk about the evolution of your awareness with respect to the dosage and applying the dosage when you’re not smoking it but when you’re taking it, I guess the size of rice.  Can you talk about that?

Rick Simpson

Well, we put the dosage instructions right up on our website. But you know, like, we’re all different. There’s no two of us the same and we all have different tolerances. But you know, where the oil is so potent, I tell people to start with these little tiny doses, I mean, just a speck of this oil.

Rick Simpson
You know, I always compared it to the size of a grain of dry rice, short grain dry rice, well, short grain dry rice is only about a quarter of an inch long. So, about half the size of a piece of dry rice, little tiny dab of this oil, and they take it in the morning, mid-afternoon, and about an hour before they go to bed. And then every four days, they increase their dosage. And by doing that, like over a period of time, usually within a month to five, four to five weeks, they’re up to the point where they can ingest a third of a gram dose. And that’s that means like one gram, or one millilitre over 24 hours. And but I have seen people actually take two grams a day, you know, people that weren’t afraid of it, because they understood it wasn’t going to harm them. But if you’re taking a gram a day, then what I suggest is just keep taking that gram a day until you’re cured. But people that have been damaged with chemo and radiation, you’ve got to undo all of that damage that these horrible treatments left behind. So, you know, what I suggest is that people that have taken these treatments they should take, they should try to get 120 to 180 grams of this oil in them as quickly as possible to undo all of that damage. But it’s you know, it detoxifies the body. It takes excess weight if you’re overweight, you know, the way it’s the greatest way to lose weight you’ve ever seen. Really? Oh, yes. Yeah, I mean, you just need the oil, it scared me in the beginning, because I used to weigh about 190 pounds. And when I started taking the oil, the weight started dropping off me. And I started going to the toilet more often. And I  couldn’t figure out what was happening. And I get down to about 160. And I actually I was getting ready to stop taking it because I thought you know, this stuff is gonna kill me. And then all of a sudden, I hit 160. And then I just stopped losing weight. And I just stayed that way. You can see all my stomach muscles and everything. Because I used to swim a lot when I was younger. But I had no understanding at the time that the oil was simply detoxifying me, you know, because it was all like a learning experience. And it took me a long time, it was like 2005, two years after I started supplying this oil, before I stopped questioning it. I had a cancer patient come in one day, and down in my home. And one of my supporters was there. And when she left, he looked at me and he said do you think it’s going to work for her? And I looked at him and I said, Well, it’s worked for everybody else. And I said we have to stop questioning this oil, we know what’s going to work. And sure enough, it did. But it’s, you know, when they talk about gifts from God or whatever, I’m not a religious person, I’m more spiritual. But you know, in ancient societies that plant was, it was worshiped as a holy plant, you know, because one other plant can give you all of these things. I mean, you can make over 50,000 different things from it. It’s a wonderful food source is a wonderful energy source, medicine, textiles. You know, we have to be insane not to be using this. How do you avoid the feeling though? Let’s say you’re not smoking it of being high? Or should that not matter if you use it to sleep? Well, it really doesn’t matter. But I have had a lot of people that have taken the treatment and follow up my dosage instructions. And many of them contacted me back and said they never even got high. But you know, I still strongly suspect they did, because it’s part of the high is the sleeping and everything and the pain-killing effects that has. So I think they got high, but they just did it so gradually, that they didn’t even notice it. You know, but I mean, getting high, I don’t know why people are afraid of this, you know, like, if you’re going to get high and opiates, or some of these pharmaceuticals. Well, yeah, you may wind up dead. But if you get high in hemp, you know, you could sit there and eat an ounce of this oil, it wouldn’t kill you. But you’d probably sleep for two or three weeks. I hear you know, no damage done.

Very interesting. How did you lose your own fear of putting yourself in harm’s way even though to you at first, it wasn’t just putting yourself in harm’s way. You were called to the task of helping people. Did you ever have fear? And if you did, how did you lose it? Well, when I realized what this oil was doing, you know i at the time, I thought that you know, it was so all so simple. I thought that there’ll be hundreds of people worldwide doing the same. So, when I started, you know making a big noise about this, I thought other people would join in. But by 2004 I realized that you know literally I was all alone. There was nobody doing this. And at that point I did think about it a bit because if they had to come then put a bullet in my head while that would have been the end of it. But see where I was from Nova Scotia.  If I don’t think they took me seriously, you know, if I had been in British Columbia, now British Columbia is the cannabis capital of Canada. If I hadn’t done this out there, I think they would have jumped on me with both feet. But where I was way down on the other coast, and I think they just thought I would go away, but I didn’t. And I just kept going. And by the time they realized how serious this was, I had so much support, that they were kind of uncomfortable with me, they didn’t know what to do. So that had a lot to do. And plus when we when we put out Run From The Cure, I think, honestly, I think that’s the reason that they didn’t send me to jail.

Run From The Cure Popularity

Kim Greenhouse
How was Run From the Cure doing now because it looks like it’s really taken off.

Rick Simpson
Oh, hundreds of millions of people have seen it, they play this, they play that documentary on television stations in Europe. So, hundreds of millions of people all over the planet have seen it. And you know, it’s been translated into I don’t know how many languages. Here quite a few months ago, it was translated into Russian. It’s been Spanish, Spanish, French, all the different languages. There’s, there’s subtitles and everything now. So, you know, literally, the whole planet knows about this now. And I’d really think in the next just the next few months that this the door is going to wide open wide open for this because they can’t hold it back. You have all these people suffering for no reason? You know, the doctors sit there and fill their pockets and the politicians and all the rest of them. But why are we suffering for them?

Kim Greenhouse
You know, in a way, Rick, yes, the doctors fill their pockets and the hospitals and all that but it’s really the pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical companies have a cabal, really them in the FDA, control everything. So, the doctors a lot of times are just going with the flow and not resisting anything because they don’t want to lose their license. I mean, its serious stuff, right?

Rick Simpson
Well, yeah, it is. There’s no question and it is a cabal, there’s no question about that either. But I mean, a doctor’s first responsibility is supposed to be as patient. That’s the Hippocratic oath, right, you know, and the Hippocratic oath, it says, first do no harm, and then down further, and it says I shall not administer poisons. So, I mean, the doctors are breaking their own Hippocratic oath. And very often I’ve had people tell me, well, the doctors don’t know. And I mean, I’m a power engineer by trade. And I can tell you about the ancient steam engines, the first steam engines, I can explain it all out because I know my trade. Well, these, you know, where hemp was used so extensively in medicine, there’s no possible way these doctors don’t know about it. And here a few years ago in Montreal, there was a convention of oncologists. And they were these oncologists were asked if they had cancer, would they take their own treatments, and over 80% of them admitted right there, that they wouldn’t take these treatments. So, these doctors, they know, but you know, we when they’re stupid, and, you know, like, you know, of course, we’re panicked and everything, we’ve got cancer, what do we do, and we put all our trust in that guy in the white coat. And some of these guys, they, you know, they, they put on all this bony concern for us. But that’s all it is, you know, you know, they, the first thing you know, they’re putting you on chemo or radiation. And now, chemo and radiation can shrink a tumour. I’m not denying that. But the problem is, these treatments are carcinogenic. And usually what happens you know, like, maybe the tumour will shrink. And then a year, year and a half later, back comes the cancer.

Kim Greenhouse
That’s what happened with my friend she went in, she was always an alternative person. And the people at USC convinced her they said, you’re going to die if you don’t do this. So, they gave her top level radiation and chemo, she almost died like four times. Oh, she was so ill. She was so ill.

Rick Simpson
The common sense, you know, how could anybody when you look at chemo, you take your chemo and your hair falls out. Now, if something is poisoned you so badly that your hair falls out, how could it be good for you? And if you walked up, you know, and I use this quite often I say, look, walk up to a 10-year-old child and ask that child is radiation and poison good for you? Instantly the child would say no. But when you talk to your doctor about these treatments, again, poison radiation, they’ll tell you, it’s necessary to treat you effectively. But it’s just a pack of lies. You know, I mean, if a 10-year-old child has more common sense and more medical knowledge than a doctor, then something’s wrong with our system. Clearly. Did you say that you just came out with a new book?

Yes, yes. Phoenix Tears The Rick Simpson Story. We just released it here just a couple days ago. If you go up on our website, you can find out where to get it there.

Kim Greenhouse
Congratulations on the new book. Is it also being made available electronically or

Rick Simpson
Right now it is electronic. Its an e-book right now and as soon as we raise enough money then we’ll be putting in into hardcover in all these different translations. You know, all over the world. Wonderful.

Kim Greenhouse
So if people go to Phoenixtears.ca. Yes, they can order the book and the book an electronic copy downloaded. That’s great that you did that. I hope that helps you raise money for your foundation.

Rick Simpson
Well, it’s not my foundation. It isn’t, no Janet Sweeney’s taking care of that. In Colorado, she I was stranded in Europe when all this began. And so, she takes care of it. I don’t really have I, you know, I talked to Janet all the time, and we’re good friends. But I really don’t have a connection with the foundation yet as yet. Okay,

Kim Greenhouse
what is Phoenix tears, your website,

Rick Simpson
Phoenixtears.ca is my website and the book is Phoenix Tears, The Rick Simpson Story. Okay. And we’ve got another one coming out another book coming out, probably in a month. That’s just mostly questions and answers. And then we have a we’re gonna put a third book out about a month later. And that’s just, it’ll be a book of testimonials. We have 1000s to choose from, so we shouldn’t have any trouble making the book.

Cannabis in Canada vs. Europe

Kim Greenhouse
That will be fantastic. Talk to us for just a few more minutes, if you wouldn’t mind about what you’ve noticed in Europe. What is the reception in Europe for the medicinal use of this plant? And where do you feel in Europe that there’s receptivity?

Rick Simpson
Well, the difference I found between Europe and Canada that people were much more open minded over there and more supportive, and they treated me with, you know, with a lot of respect. So, it was a totally different environment over there. You know, I mean, the history of hemp goes so far back in Europe. Now we just in the Czech Republic alone, they discovered some pottery there. And they dated it and was 26,000 years old. And the imprint on the pottery was the hemp plant. So they’ve been using it for a very long time in Europe. But see, we don’t have that. We don’t have that history with the plant. And I found that people over there, they’re not as brainwashed. You know, they don’t believe all this nonsense that, you know, the governments have been telling us. But the most? Well, the Czech Republic, they’re getting a project underway, right away. And as I told you earlier, I spoke in Slovenia last year. And within a week, I had to one of the three political parties behind me. And I have to go back to Europe on the 14th of August. And then on the 25th, I’ll be speaking in Slovenia at the World Hemp Congress. So, I’m hoping that maybe the walls will come down, you know, maybe it might, it might be Slovenia, or it could be some of these South American countries. And I also had good, I had good results in Croatia. Matter of fact, of the last time I was in Croatia, within a week, they had me on national television. So, I did get my message across to the people. But you see, they won’t do that here. They don’t want me on television, because nobody can take me on and nobody can deny what I’m doing. You know, it’s all true. And the doctors are just terrified as it is. In reality, I think what would happen, once the oil is available, I think nine out of 10 doctors are going to be out of work. Because we’ll stay home and heal ourselves. We don’t need to run to them anymore.

Kim Greenhouse
Now, when you’re speaking of doctors, you’re really talking about hospitals, right? The doctors who are giving chemo and radiation at that point, right?

Rick Simpson
Well, yeah, well, there’d be no need for them at all. But I mean, like things like if you gave yourself a severe burn, well, you don’t have to run to a hot if you have the oil there, you just put the oil on it in no time it’ll heal. You don’t need to go even go to a doctor for things like that. But what we need we need, the doctors we need are more like surgeons, like getting a car accident or we break a leg. We need somebody to put us back together. That side of medicine is okay. But the other side of medicine where they’re dispensing all these chemicals and poisons, you know practically everything your doctor gives you his liver-toxic – poison to the liver. So, to me they’re they’re all just breaking their Hippocratic oath. And to me most doctors are nothing more than drug dealers for the pharmaceutical industry.

How do you Preserve Cannabis Oil?

Kim Greenhouse
Another practical question about once you’ve made the oil how you preserve it, you said you put it in the refrigerator?

Rick Simpson
No, no, that’s where I keep the seeds. That’s where you keep the seeds. Okay, if you have a hemp oil, you know, when I suggest, there’s only three things that will affect the oil, and that’s heat, light and air. So, if you take, put it in a good tight bottle, I usually use darker bottles, but use a dark bottle and a good tight lid, or stainless-steel container, and put it like down in your basement or something. And that oil and see the oil is a thicker, it’s not really an oil, it’s a thick grease, and the air can penetrate it. So, I’ve told many people, I honestly believe that if you took that oil and put it somewhere and you went back 1000 years later and open that bottle, I think it would be just as potent as the day you left it there. So, there’s no you don’t have to worry about shelf life with this substance.

Kim Greenhouse
That’s a very important comment you just made. Because I think once people have made it, and they go to utilize it, they’re gonna want to know how to store it in case they get sick again, or something happens physically. Now, are people on this for life?

Rick Simpson
Well, that’s what I suggest that people do. I you know, I think every man, woman and child on this planet should be ingesting small doses of that oil every day. And especially today where we have these things like Fukushima. You know, I mean, the effect that Fukushima is going to have on this planet is horrifying. And this is the only substance I know that can undo radiation damage. So, I mean, if you, if you take some of these radioactive particles into your body, the oil will detoxify you and take them, it’ll flush it from your system. And I’ve had people come to me that, you know, had taken radiation. And they were burnt right from the chest right through to the back, you know, and their chest looked like red leather, because it’s burnt that badly. 90 Days later, after they take into treatment, they open their shirt, you’d never know they had radiation. So, I mean, we have a desperate need for this right now. But everybody, it’s not just a matter of having cancer. You know, the time we’re 30 or 40 years old, our bodies are full of toxins from the environment we live in, because everything is poison. And so, I suggest that everyone in like, every adult, you should sit down, take a full 60 gram treatment, just like you had cancer, then after you’ve taken the full 60 gram treatment, then drop your drop it back to a maintenance dose of about one to two grams a month, just to drop at night before you go to bed. And that protects you and also prevents diseases. You know, our children should be on this. Because if children were taking the oil, then diseases like MS, diabetes, cancer, they couldn’t get a foothold. So it’s the one the most wonderful preventive medicine on the planet. And for all, from the time I was a kid, they’ve always been screaming, we need preventative medicine. Well, here it is, you know, it’s right at our fingertips. All we got to do is let us do it. And they always use that same old argument, you know, well, you know, we’d have to keep it from the children. Well, that’s a pile of nonsense too. Melanie Dressner, she did a study back in the 80s, to find out where the healthiest babies on the planet were born. And she looked into it very deeply. And she found that the healthiest babies born on this planet are born to mothers in Jamaica, who use cannabis a great deal. So, if you know using cannabis doesn’t harm a baby in the developmental stages in the womb? Well, then why shouldn’t a child of any age be allowed to use it? You know, this is the real medicine that can help them. Instead, they will take a kid today in school and they’ll say, well, he has attention deficit disorder, and then they’ll put them on Ritalin? Well, Ritalin is almost the same as amphetamines. You know, do you want your child on this stuff? And you don’t know like 10 or 20 years down the road, you don’t know what effect these chemicals are going to have on that child.

Kim Greenhouse
Look at what happened with the big pharmaceutical company that just got found out for fraud that came up with Advair, you know the product Advair and they were in the paper about how Advair actually makes asthma worse. Yeah, Wellbutrin, something like that. I don’t know if I’m saying the correct name, but basically, that it makes things worse, and they’re being sued for fraud.

Medicine is about Money, Not Healing

Rick Simpson
Everything that gives us makes us worse. I mean, in medicine today, they it’s not about healing, it’s just about money. You know, I said if you want to heal, you have to use Mother Nature. But don’t expect to get anything from your doctor. I mean, they just want to give you… well what happens, you know, they give you a pill for something that’s wrong with you. And that causes other problems. And then they give you another pill. And before you know it, you’re taking six or eight pills. Well, since no two of us are the same, now, if you and I were on the same medications, that doesn’t mean that these medications are going to have the same effect on us because we’re chemically we’re different. So, the doctors are just using us like guinea pigs is what they’re doing.

Kim Greenhouse
Have you ever met the author of the book The Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Growers Bible? Jorge Cervantes.

Rick Simpson
I haven’t I haven’t met him face to face. He knows about me. And I read I wrote about him in the book. I actually I book you just named it. That’s my favourite book. And I always suggest to people if you want to grow cannabis, get that book. And if you know what’s in that book, you will be an expert grower. Because I think he put out just a marvellous book he put out.

Kim Greenhouse
in terms of the legality, if somebody has a script, because they’re ill to buy monthly marijuana or THC, I don’t even know what you call it. But if they can buy it pharmaceutically, is it provision different in every location if they can grow their own plant?

Marijuana Access Program Canada

Rick Simpson
Well, it depends on the country like Well, here in Canada, we have what they call a Marijuana Access Program, which in reality is a total fraud. I mean, nobody should need a license to grow this plant. You know, when you put laws in place, it’s supposed to be based on the harm factor. Well, this plant does no harm. So, there should be no laws against it at all. But if you if you apply like for some people it’s very hard to get a prescription from a doctor here in Canada, you know for him. And if you do apply to the government, and if you are lucky enough to get the license to grow it yourself, you’re still not allowed to gather the resins or to make the oil. You see they know that the resins you know the oil or maybe the oil is made from the resins and they know that the oil is a medicine and they don’t want you to have it. You know, it’s okay to go home, and you smoke your pot or you break it out. And you put in cookie dough or something, but it doesn’t have the medicinal value that the real oil has. So, it’s just a scam. That’s all it is.

Kim Greenhouse
Very interesting. So, what’s next for you? You’re going to Slovenia.

Rick Simpson
I’ll be back to Slovenia, and Romania. Yeah, Slovenia. And in August, I’ll be there speaking about the Hemp Congress. And I’m probably going to spend two or three weeks in Croatia right after that. And then I’m going down to Uruguay, because they just legalized down there, I want to find out what’s happening there. And if I don’t see anything in South America, I think, possibly I may go out into the Pacific Islands, because they have a lot of health problems out there, too, especially French Polynesia. Because, you know, the French did all of those nuclear tests there in the 1960s. Yes. And the leader of French Polynesia, he went to France here a while ago to have a meeting with the French president. And the French President wouldn’t even see him. So, he wants to pull away from France, he wants France gone. And, you know, with this radiation damage, they have a lot of illness there and things like that. So, I think that someone like me might just be welcomed.

Kim Greenhouse
Don’t forget that while, French are known for their great food and croissants and cappuccinos and lattes. And they’re beautiful accents and conversation, that France is a country also has a very big commitment for nuclear power. So, I’m sure there wouldn’t necessarily be the openness to this there.

Rick Simpson
Well, they do have a history with cannabis and stuff like that and growing it and Oh, yes. But, you know, I mean, how would friends like it if somebody went into the English chat channel and detonated an atomic weapon? Because this is what they did in French Polynesia. There was one year I think they detonated 192 nuclear weapons. Now, you know, what that would do to the environment and what it would do to the local populations?

Kim Greenhouse
Well, they’re definitely not alone, the US has done similar things in different places, China has done similar things. There’s a lot of countries that have acted in this manner.

Rick Simpson
Oh, that’s, that’s very true. And I think what’s happening now that people are waking up, the day is going to come shortly when they won’t put up with these corrupted individuals leaving their countries.

Kim Greenhouse
You know, it’s interesting, because no matter who anybody votes for, when it comes to your health, everything gets pushed aside. And the only focus is staying alive and staying well. And it really is the defining moment when you get ill, or when you’re not functioning physically anymore the way you used to, or something happens to you, and you are losing your health, and it’s speeding up. So, the defining moment happens when the consciousness can open up and you are willing to try things you haven’t tried before. And for all of the people who are irrationally opposing this, the testimonials are a remarkably important part of this whole process. I really think that this is a groundswell that’s taking place, people will just start to take care of themselves and do what they can, and not rely on the system anymore for everything. I mean, all of it is failing, all of it is failing – the GMO seeds, the water supply has been polluted, the air is being sprayed – everywhere we look, there’s an attack on humanity in the earth. And what’s interesting is that everything that has a life force is either being confiscated, damaged, or killed. Like there’s a mass kill operation going on that’s actually coordinated from around the world. The thing is that people would say, that’s a conspiracy theory. Well, if you have enough facts, to back up all these situations, and there’s millions of facts, not 1000s, not hundreds of 1000s, millions of verified facts of this stuff going on, it is obvious that when it comes to your health and well-being you got to do what you got to do. And, you know, if it’s about you losing your life, or trying cannabis, then I guess you’ll do what you have to do. Because the system is not going to take care of us. They have no concern for us whatsoever. But I think the system has become a thing. Like it’s an independent thing. It has a life of its own.

Rick Simpson
I mean, when I’ve told people right along, I mean, the people in any country or the power, the governments are supposed to be working for them. And I think it’s just about time that people stood up and reminded the governments of what their role really is. And to get rid of all these corrupted people that all they want to do is fill their pockets. I mean, when you’re when you’re a public official, you’re supposed to be, your first concern should be the public that you’re working for. Not some drug company or other rich guy somewhere. So, you know, genetic modification should have never been allowed in the first place. And I mean, you see these people with all these farmers in India, committing suicide, you know, because they, you know, they can’t afford to farm anymore, because now they got to buy their seeds. And I think it was last year two years ago in Haiti when they had that earthquake. Yes, Monsanto sent down I think it was 400 tonnes of their seeds, you know, to help the poor farmers. Well, the farmers, the farmers down there were a lot smarter than Monsanto gave them credit for because they took all the Monsanto seeds out, put them in a pile and burnt them, the best thing they could have done, all of this nonsense has to come to an end. Wow,

Kim Greenhouse
I really think that Monsanto will eventually have to go into hiding. I mean, they’ve even changed the company to another name now. So, people keep saying Monsanto and I think it’s even another name. Now, what’s clear to me though, is that other than if you have an emergency, and you have to be surgically operated on to put your body back together, it’s not going to help you for prevention. And that’s profound. That’s profound, because we look to the system like a parent. And once people start becoming more self-reliant, and realize that there are applications for wellness and for health that have been there for 1000s and 1000s, and 1000s of years, a new door of consciousness opens, and I so appreciate you, I so appreciate what you’ve stood for, what you’ve gone through the fact that you’ve helped so many people who’ve been ill to come back to wellness who were at death’s door, and that you’ve actually shown people how to fish. God bless you, Rick Simpson,

Rick Simpson
You’re more than welcome, dear. But I mean, back when I really, you know, figured out what this medicine was all about, you know, I had three grandchildren. And I realized, you know, if I didn’t do this, they don’t have a future. You know, they’re going to get 30 or 35 years old, they’re going to get sick. And whatever life they have is, it’s always going to be diseases and sickness. I couldn’t sit with this knowledge and keep quiet about it. You know, I just did the right thing. I told the people the truth. And for that, they call me a prophet and a saint and all of these other names. But we all just simply stood and told the truth. That’s all we got to do. And understand, you know, what is being done to us? It’s so obvious.

Kim Greenhouse
Is there anything you’d like to leave the audience with to wrap up this interview today?

Educate Yourself About Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson
Well, I mean, the main thing is, is you know, educate yourself, become self-reliant. Stop depending on the system to do everything for you. You know, and if they go, and if you check out our website, and everything, it will tell you how to make the medicine and everything yourself. And what I encourage people to do, and I’ve said it right from the beginning, well, when every second person knows how to cure their own cancer, how’s the system going to stand against it? And what I would like to see people do is just unite, you know, go to your politicians, go to your doctors, and just tell them, we look, we’ve had enough of you, you know, we want something that heals us. And I think if we did this in a rational way, I’d like to see this settled without bloodshed. If you look at human history, we’ve never done anything right. But if we, if we unite over this, and we could do this, like we could make a smooth transition into cannabis-based industries. And we could put the world back on the right track. But I need the rest of the human race, you know, to help me do this. And then we can give mankind a future, you know, at the rate that we’re poisoning this planet. We don’t have much of a future. So, for God’s sakes, unite, and do something about it and give your children and your grandchildren a future.

Kim Greenhouse
Ladies and gentlemen, we have been talking with learning from and listening to Rick Simpson. You can reach Rick by going to phoenixtears.ca. Rick, thank you so much. And I would like to talk with you again, when you get to another part of the earth. Feel free to call me and we’ll plug you in and do a broadcast then. Thanks again. I will do. It’s Rainmaking Time. It’s been a pleasure dear.

Rick’s cancerous growths disappeared within days of applying cannabis oil to a bandage and covering the cancerous spots.  Simpson became a true believer in the medicinal powers of cannabis, and spread the word of his cannabis oil.

What is Rick Simpson Oil Used For?

In addition to cancer, Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil is also used to treat:

Cannabis Oil South Africa

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In animal studies in labs, researchers produced results which show that THC and other cannabis compounds called cannabinoids, chief among them a cannabinoid called CBD (Cannabidiol), can stop the growth of tumors. These lab studies have looked at cells related to lung, skin, breast, prostate, and other cancers. They’ve found that cannabis can stop the cancer cells from spreading. Other research on THC and cannabis compounds shows that they may kill off cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.

The Entourage Effect -THC working with CBD

In 2011, physician and researcher Dr. Ethan Russo found that the medicinal effects of CBD increase when they’re combined with other cannabinoids. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the entourage effect, which describes the enhanced effect of cannabis compounds when combined together.  A full extract oil containing not just CBD, but THC as well as terpenes will give all the benefits of the entourage effect.  CBD modulates THC, while terpenes (these are the compounds that give cannabis its unique smell) also have therapeutic properties.

How to make Rick Simpson Oil

There are various solvents people have used in the creation of the oil.  The safest is propanol alcohol, as opposed to a using solvent like benzene.  It’s vitally important to have a method to remove the solvent completely at the end of the process.  The solvent is responsible for extracting the compounds from the cannabis flowers.  Once the cannabis flowers are rinsed in the solvent, the process of heating is begun to remove the solvent leaving only THC, CBD, terpenes and all other compounds contained in the cannabis flower.
We make sure at Cannabis Oil South Africa that we supply consistent quality of product across batches ensuring that you get the same experience in every bottle or capsule.


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Watch the original Run From The Cure video about Rick Simpson cannabis oil, produced by Rick Simpson.

When people have to suffer because of money, or people making money or whatever, that is just not right.

When the doctor can’t cure you and you want to get cured, you’re going to try anything, aint ya?

And get I was willing to give it a shot. Yeah, I gave it two shots.

Change your life. Come and take some real medicine, medicine that is safe and medicine that works for a change.

About Rick Simpson and Cannabis Oil

My name is Rick Simpson. I live at 344 little forks road just outside of Mack and Nova Scotia. I’m here to tell you about the most medicinal plant known to man. Cannabis Oils made from the cannabis plant are the most medicinally active substances ever found in nature. Up until about 85 years ago, cannabis medicines were widely used all over the world. Many drug companies in the 1800s and early 1900s produced cannabis medicines for decades. Cannabis is a plant and therefore it cannot be patented. To drug companies, no patent means no money. Hence, no interest in producing this drug. When you examine bud from the cannabis plant, you can see that it is covered in resin. This resin makes the bud appear to be covered in frost. This resin is the medicine. When collected and processed properly, the resulting oil is an effective cure or control for practically any disease known to man, even cancer.

We have supplied this oil to dozens of people with cancer. Even people who were diagnosed with terminal cancer by our medical system now have a clean bill of health after treatment with cannabis medicine. When working with this medicine, medical miracles are a common occurrence. This oil has brought many people right off their deathbeds. Due to the restrictions put in place by our government against this medicine we feel that it is our duty to inform the public how they can make their own. In reality this medicine should be produced on a grander scale in a controlled environment using the highest quality starting material. Producing cannabis medicine in this manner would stabilize the potency of this medication plus any danger associated with this medicine’s production could be eliminated. High potency cannabis oil can be produced right in your own home or workshop. Later in this video, we will show you how this can be accomplished observing simple rules of safety. We do not approve of or condone this method due to the safety issues involved and we bear no responsibility if this information is misused. If you or someone you care about has a life-threatening medical condition that our medical system has failed to help, there is a very good chance that cannabis oil is the answer to your problems.

How to Use Cannabis Oil

There are three different ways to use the oil as a medication, you can ingest it, you can vaporize it, or you can use it topically. But for internal diseases like cancer, lung cancer, that type of thing. The internal treatment works magnificently.

Cannabis Oil Testimonials

Well I’ve had four open heart surgeries and probably five pacemakers. I’ve been through the mill as far as medical stuff goes. And I started taking this because my father was taking it for his cancer which he doesn’t have any more, but this came along, It works perfectly. It lets me do a day’s work or as much as I can safely. Let’s face it after four open hearts you are still limited to what you can do. But I go all day wife and I four-wheeler all over the place we ate virtually gave me my life back without the pain.

I have suffered from major depression. Since the age 27, I suffer from anxiety attacks. I’ve also had three back injuries with constant aching in my back and that for years. And when I took this medicine it seemed to take the aching from my back, it seems to cut down my panic attacks, And as of late as I keep going on it just seems to get better and better – my depression and anxiety attacks.

I had a huge mole on my shoulder. It was black and I had a crusty, it wasn’t a natural mole and I’ve been sort of concerned about it. And so actually knowing from Rick mentioning that occurred skin cancer and remove stuff like that I decided to put a little oil on my mole and see if it works. So, I put a little band aid over it and I only applied it for like three days and then another four and then in two weeks it was completely gone.

I have skin cancer, melanoma cancer they told me. I was treated time after time and I was burned several times. I called it burnt, they have another name for but anyway they burned me several times and it wasn’t doing no good. All the sand they gave me, I put it on, put it on. So, I run across this fellow they call Rick Simpson. Now you’ve seen my face. I know it’s all wrinkled up but there’re no big holes in.

I use cannabis oil for a number of conditions. Migraine headaches, cysts on my ovary, arthritis, bad, bad skin allergies, snoring, upset stomach, diarrhoea, something wrong with my bowels, and it helped with every condition that I had.

I had two months to live. I was cashing in, I didn’t care then, and got a hold Rick and Rick explained it, how this stuff works. The chemo and radiation just kill everything inside of you. It doesn’t give you a chance to live. And then when I look at my cannabis oil, that’s why I am sitting here today telling you that cannabis oil does work.

What Medical Conditions does Cannabis Oil Help With?

Skin Conditions, cancer, diabetes, infections, glaucoma, arthritis, chronic pain, burns, ulcers, warts and moles, any condition involving mutating cells, migraine headaches, asthma, insomnia, anxiety and depression. It works to regulate your weight. It heals scar tissue; it rejuvenates vital organs. In fact, I would like someone to show me what it can’t heal.

Does Cannabis Oil Have Detrimental Effects?

When we began, Rick asked me to find out if there were any detrimental effects to the cannabis oil. As we searched, we couldn’t find any. And the research kept coming back was all the good aspects of the medicine. And as we kept looking and we ran into Dr. Guzman in Spain who has done research since 1999 into the cannabis oils. The International Cannabinoid Research Society has been researching it for 17 years. They have research papers from various researchers, and research organizations, including Health Canada. And in our research, we haven’t been able to find anything that appears detrimental. Everything is beneficial from the oil. Cannabis and hemp traditionally have been used to treat alcoholics and recovering drug addicts. And it hasn’t changed over the years. They’re still using it today in some cases, but most medical facilities don’t recognize it. I believe they don’t recognize the product because this information has been added over the years.  It’s touted as a illicit drug, rather than a medicine. In the research that we have, the most amazing part of the product is the medicinal value to it. Especially in eastern countries. Yet, mainstream medicine refuses to recognize the validity of it.

Give the Cannabis Oil Away

To anyone that would say that I am nothing but a high-class drug dealer, to that, I would just have to laugh. I mean, drug dealers, they sell it for a big price and they make the money. I’ve been giving it away since 2003. I have to be the stupidest drug dealer in history to give it away. How do you make any money if you’re giving stuff away?

Well, that’s exactly right.

I’m just trying to help people. I mean, that’s all this is about, and I want people to know how to heal themselves.

Reports that Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer 

In 1975, I was listening to see Katie Radio when the announcer came on with a report of THC from the marijuana and cannabis plant killing cancer cells. Three years previously, in 1972, I had watched my 25-year-old cousin died a horrible death from cancer. So, when I heard this report, it certainly caught my attention. But time goes by, and I never heard any more reports. So, I assumed that the report I had heard could not be true, or the system would be using THC to cure cancer. In 1997, I received a serious head injury at work, the doctors put me on prescription drugs, but these drugs did nothing to alleviate my condition, and many of the drugs had horrible side effects. In late 1998, I watched an episode of the nature of things entitled Reefer Madness 2. Dr. David Suzuki interviewed many people with serious medical conditions who had been using cannabis as a treatment. The results were amazing. After seeing this program, I purchased some cannabis and tried it. Just smoking cannabis did more for my medical condition than all those pills the doctors were giving me and I told them so. I asked many doctors for a prescription for cannabis but was refused. All the doctors would do is tell me that cannabis was bad for the lungs, and to stay away from hemp. It’s still under study. Even my family doctor said it was bad for the lungs. So, I asked him what he thought about me taking the essential oil from the cannabis plant and ingesting it orally as a medication. The doctor agreed that this would be a much more medicinal way to use this drug, but would still not give me a prescription so I could have acquired this drug legally. In 2001, my family doctor informed me that there was nothing more they could do. They had nothing left to try on me.  So, I was on my own. I continued producing and taking cannabis oil as my only medication. Slowly my thinking processes cleared from the effects of all those chemical drugs the doctors had given me and everyone around me saw the improvement in my condition. The oil had worked wonders for me.

Does Cannabis Oil Cure Skin Cancer?

In late 2002, my family doctor examined three areas on my skin, which he presumed to be skin cancer. One was close to my right eye, another on my left cheek and another on my chest. In January 2003, the cancer close to my right eye was surgically removed, and they were going to schedule me to have the other two cancers removed at a later date. About a week after the surgery by my eye. The area was infected and very angry looking. I was examining where the surgery had been done, when the report I had heard on the radio in 1975 popped back into my mind. I knew the oil I produced had concentrated THC in it. So, I put some oil on to bandages and applied them to the other two areas of skin cancer. In four days, both cancers were gone. Needless to say, I was very excited about the cannabis oil curing my skin cancer.

Doctors Are Hesitant to Prescribe Cannabis Oil for Skin Cancer

So, I went to my doctor’s office for a copy of my pathology report, which stated that I had basal cell carcinoma. I informed the receptionist that the cancer had returned and that I cured it and the other two cancers with cannabis oil. The reaction of the receptionist mystified me. She went rigid, saying the doctor will not go there. The doctor will not prescribe this. I was standing in my doctor’s office telling them that I cured my cancer with cannabis oil, and they didn’t want to hear it? Foolishly at the time I thought the system wanted a cure for cancer. Seeing the receptionist’s reaction to the cannabis oil left me feeling very uneasy. It felt like the Twilight Zone. In April 2003 I contacted the pain management centre in Halifax. I had been told by a friend that the centre might be able to provide me with a license to possess cannabis. All I got was a recorded message stating that there was a 21-month waiting period and that you must be referred by your physician. Now where did that leave me? My family doctor wouldn’t even talk about cannabis medicine.

Big time controversy brewing in a small town over this. Is it a cure all or contraband?

We have somebody dying from cancer they’re not dying anymore. Here’s somebody that had something else while they’re there. And this is what’s going on.

But in a small Nova Scotia town one man is trying to get the word out about what he says are the healing properties of cannabis oil. And as Ross Lord explains where he’s spreading the word has created a major headache with no cure in sight.

Cannabis Oil Gaining Reputation as a Miracle Drug

In McCann, Nova Scotia, this oil is gaining a reputation as a miracle drug. That’s the cure right there. oil extracted from marijuana plants. Rick Simpson has been making it and giving it to friends and neighbours. He calls it cannabis oil. Others know it as weed oil. In small doses. He says it makes you well without getting you high.

Cannabis oil containing THC has been touted as an effective treatment for many diseases including cancer, but distributing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is illegal, and that has some Nova Scotia users worried their supply of medicinal cannabis oil will disappear. Global’s Ray Bradshaw has the story. I’m used to it. Cannabis oil is being used by some people in the McEwan area of Nova Scotia to help them the treatment of cancer. Now they’re worried their cannabis oil will be taken away.

People are being very scared of the RCMP coming in their home and taking their medicine from them. And the whole community itself is living in fear down here, including my family.

That’s because the cannabis oil Rick Simpson is making contains THC, an illegal substance. He says there’s medical proof that THC kills cancer cells. Rick Dwyer says Simpson’s cannabis oil cured his father’s cancer and other diseases.

It took the fluid off his lungs. It repaired the prostate.  It did so many things for him. He doesn’t even take his insulin now for his diabetes because it controls his diabetes.

Amherst RCMP told us they won’t likely track down people who use cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. But the RCMP say it is illegal to provide people with cannabis oil containing THC, whether or not the supplier is paid.

Simpson grew marijuana on his property and made cannabis oil from it. This fall, RCMP confiscated the plants, but didn’t arrest or charge him. They took it here. So, what’s the stop them from going house to house? Simpson says without marijuana to make cannabis oil, he’s been unable to supply people. He’s hoping the attitude toward the drug will soon turn around.

People are dying for no damn reason. I’d like to see the most medicinal plant in the world get the recognition it deserves. For global news and Matt Cahn, this is Ray Bradshaw reporting.

Controversy at the Royal Canadian Legion

I met a girl at the American Legion, and she said this guy Rick Simpson had cured her of cancer. So, I asked the girl if I could meet him. And so, she told him and Mr. Simpson came to the Legion. At the time, he told me he had discovered that he could cure skin cancer and diabetic ulcers with a medicinal oil called cannabis oil. And I talked this man, he’s sincere besides that his father was a veteran, and I felt an obligation to check his story out as a veteran’s child. And so, he took me with him, and I investigated it as I should have. And he took me to these people. And sure enough, these people were all saying that he had cured them. And he brought forward the evidence and the proof and, and our executive and president and all of us had agreed that we have to do something. I mean, people are dying needlessly, and suffering needlessly. So, we held a meeting, and we discussed that we would put it in the paper, which the president and the treasurer signed that letter, and we put it in the paper asking for an honest and open review of this medicine. And we started writing letters to provincial command, as well as, we sent a tape. I spoke to the president of provincial command three times, telling them to please come up, and, you know, at least come up and look at this and direct us here. And so that they refused to actually address the issue. And as our members and executive members, I mean, people were dying all around us, and people didn’t know. And so, we decided that we had to do something. And so that’s when we proceeded to take the direction we did and that was direction was to call in these politicians, our health professionals, and our enforcement professionals and all the people who should have been contacted over this issue. And when we did, we wrote them a letter, and we stated to come to this meeting, we would show you the evidence, the human evidence, scientific evidence and the medical evidence, and that’s when they come in and shut our Royal Canadian Legion down. What was really shocking was how they did it.

There’s a battle brewing between a tiny Legion branch in northern Nova Scotia, and the Legion command. The doors are locked here at the Royal Canadian Legion in McCann, even past president Rick Dwyer can’t get into the building. The charter has been pulled and the executive suspended because of their controversial support of the use of cannabis oil as medicine.

And as Royal Canadian Legion members for us to sit here, while people were dying and suffering horribly, and us knowing that this worked, I don’t see where there’s any honour to that.

Dwyer’s view of the oil changed after his 82-year-old father started using it. He believes it has helped even though the oil is not endorsed by the medical community. Dozens of people in McCain have been using an oil distributed by Rick Simpson. He says the legal and medical communities are against him and his discovery.

The Royal Canadian Legion. And if you read their books and what they’re supposed to stand for, they seem to me that this is the right organization to bring this out.

The Nova Scotia Nunavut command of the Legion says it can’t be used as a soapbox to distribute any political message, especially one involving illegal drugs. Steve Wessel says what the local branch is doing could damage the integrity and reputation of the Legion.

Basically, that’s stating a policy they’re saying that the Royal Canadian Legion is in favor of this through their use of our organization. And that contravenes our general bylaw

Legion command will appoint a new management committee to replace the suspended executive. Rick Dwyer can’t believe it.

What greater integrity or honour for the Royal Canadian Legion to speak up on behalf of all the men women and children who are suffering.

Walsall says Legion command is considering further disciplinary action against the executive here, but a final decision has not been made yet. Meanwhile, Dwyer says he doesn’t care much about that. He’s just glad he did the right thing. Dan McIntosh CTV News McCann

McCann’s branch of the Royal Canadian Legion was so impressed it hosted meetings like this one aimed at spreading the word about cannabis oil. But when they planned a big public meeting, higher ups at the Legion, shut them down.

Provincial command came here the day the meeting and they come in, they lock the doors. And then I come into the air and I had two RCMP officers here that told me I was not allowed on the property. They’re using the Royal Canadian Legion – its name and insignias, and the buildings too, as a platform to promote the use of cannabis oil as a medicinal drug.

I don’t care if the if this medicine comes from a tomato plant, a potato plant or a cannabis plant. If the medicine’s safe and helps and works. Why not use it?

For Rick Dwyer it’s an emotional issue. One of the testaments to cannabis oil’s healing power, is his father, the military veteran suffering from lung cancer. And his last time I was in, I didn’t know they said I was gonna die in 24 hours. But I didn’t. So I took the oil and everything worked out right.

But the Legion isn’t budging. They’ve suspended the entire executive of this branch, along with any activities planned for the building until they install a new management team.

There is no provincial or federal regulation which states that this marijuana can be grown and produced into cannabis oil for medicinal purposes, and therefore it’s illegal as far as the province is concerned. And the Royal Canadian Legion does not back illegal operations. Simpson has had trouble with the law. The RCMP confiscated 1600 marijuana plants from his backyard last year. Plants he claims were grown for medicinal purposes; a court case is unresolved. And so ore questions within the Legion about whether cannabis oil is medicine or menace

That goes against the general bylaws of the Royal Canadian Legion. What I did, I’m proud of what I did. I’m proud of it. And for now, since the Legion is the town’s only meeting place getting the word out about cannabis oil will prove to be more difficult. In McCann Nova Scotia, this is global national’s Ross Lord reporting.

Because I had us under martial law, we couldn’t make a decision except for the four management committee members who I feel betrayed all the other members. They come in they took our freedom of speech away. We weren’t allowed to talk about why they shut us down. So why were they there? I mean, when you shut a Royal Canadian Legion down, all the members in the executive and least an explanation of why you shut them down. And if they shut us down over a cure for cancer, then who’s doing the right thing? Us or them?

When I first got diagnosed, it was the “Why Me?”, and it’s not in my family. I’ve tried to be healthy. I eat my veggies. I exercise a lot. And I try to live a pretty, pretty clean lifestyle. Shopping for healthy foods. We know all those things. Those things are great, but there’s must be other things going on. It’s not about me it’s why is it now one in two who have this stupid disease and what are we doing about it?

Dr Sam Epstein is a professor at the University of Chicago and he’s written this book called cancer gate. He’s very outspoken about what we’re not being told. He’s a pathologist with solid science behind him.

There is now a growing and a critical demand for the role of corporate social responsibility for winning the losing cancer war. The facts are this. These are clear data showing the way Canada is in a net cancer epidemic. Nearly one in two men and more than one in three women are getting cancer in their lifetime.

This is what Canadians are told about prevention, the seven steps to health.

The Canadian Cancer Society have ignored or trivialized this concern, and told the public if you get cancer, it’s your own fault. You smoke too much, which is actually right, or you drink too much, you are obese or you’re an exerciser, it’s a lack of healthy lifestyle. It’s your fault when you get cancer. It’s not because we have taken no action to reduce avoidable exposures to carcinogens. Whose fault is it? It is the fault of the Canadian Cancer establishment, who have not informed the public. The consumer has to realize two things. Their basic rights as Canadian citizens is being denied and challenged by the government, by the cancer societies.

But they’re there there to save lives, the Canadian Cancer Society.

Canadian Cancer Society

In 2004, Rick Simpson contacted the Canadian Cancer Society about hemp oil curing cancer.  This was their response…  The society does not endorse or support medical products or dietary supplements… thanks for the information.  We wish you luck in your work.

The more money you spend on cancer, the more cancer you get. And the reason why is there’s been virtually no movement in the in the field of prevention. So, what are we spending all the money on? Well, we’re spending the money on screening, diagnose entry, when I was damage control, you wait, you wait till I get the cancer, and then you try and treat it as such, the more drugs are bought, the higher the profit. Now the more disease there is, the greater the profit.

There’s Money in Chemotherapy

I’m in Paris, because there’s a huge international conference here full of some of the biggest drug companies in the world who are pitching their latest cancer treatments. And cancer is a huge business worth billions of dollars. And they get a big chunk of that. So, I want to ask them what they’re doing to fight the cancer epidemic.

A big part of the story is money. Obviously, there are limited amounts that Canada can spend on cancer. And at the moment, the biggest chunk of that money goes towards the drugs and the treatments. Obviously big bucks at stake at the at the pharmaceutical conference. And they kept talking about oh, there’s so much stuff in the pipeline. What is your company doing to fight cancer? What are you doing to fight cancer? It helps to feel better when you have chemotherapy. So, how’s business great. How’s business? Business is great. So how big a part of your business is cancer drugs now? It’s 80%. Of drugs in breast cancer tracks in colorectal cancer. We’re a cancer company. Yeah, cancer treatment company. Do you have anyone in your family with cancer my father, really?  He died.

Sativa strains produce an oil that is a very good antidepressant and tends to energize a person, but most of the cannabis oil I produce comes from Indica strains. Indica strains tend to relax the person and give them more sleep. Rest and sleep are part of the healing process.

The Process of Making Rick Simson Oil

Place the starting material, preferably good bud, in a plastic container. Dampen the bud material in the container with the solvent you’re using, then crush the bud material. After the bud has been crushed, add more solvent until the material is completely covered. I generally use pure naptha, but 99% isopropanol alcohol also works well as a solvent as do many other substances. Work and stir the contents to let the THC dissolve into the solvent. This process takes two to three minutes. Drain the solvent from the starting material and put it through a coffee filter. The solvent now resembles the color of gasoline due to the presence of the cannabis oil in the solvent. Make sure the area where you are going to boil the solvent off is very well ventilated. The idea is to carry the fumes away from the boiling solvent to reduce the danger of an explosion or fire. Special care must be taken to avoid red hot elements or a spark of any kind that could ignite the fumes from the solvent. I have found that an electric rice cooker boils the solvent off very effectively. Bring the solvent oil mix in the rice cooker to a boil, use a fan to carry the fumes from the solvent away. As the solvent boils off, continue adding more solvent oil Mix until it is gone. As the level in the boiling pot comes down for the last time at eight to 10 drops of water. Since the boiling point of water is much higher than the boiling point of the solvent used, this water that was added allows the solvent to be released as the oil thickens. As the last of the solvent is being released, it is a good idea to lift the rice cooker and keep the contents in the cooker moving. This helps release any remaining solvent and also protects the oil from too much heat. At no time, should the temperature of the oil go over 290 degrees Fahrenheit. Gently pour the oil from the rice cooker into a small metal container. Put this container with the oil into a dehydrator or put the container on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer, it may take a few hours to evaporate the water off the oil. In the end, there should be no bubbling or other activity on the surface of the oil. When the oil is hot, it is quite runny. But as it cools, the oil takes on the consistency of a thick grease. Generally, a pound of good cannabis bud will produce about two ounces of high-grade oil. Ingesting this amount of oil over a two to three month period is enough to cure most serious cancers.

Cannabis Oil Testimonials

I started taking it because I ended up with chronic pain from a blood clot from my last operation and there was nothing they could give me except standard pain pills, which I can’t take because I get addicted to them right overnight. And they’re just too hard on my system. Every pain pill I’ve ever tried has caused me nothing but grief. And like I say if I take them for more than a week, then I’m looking for them all the time. So I call that addiction. I don’t know whatever medical term you want to put on it. But they destroy me is what they do. Because I got no strength, no energy, no pain for, you know, a few days. But then the side effect of pain pills, is pain. But yes, I I’m definitely a believer, because I mean, I’m walking proof of it. And don’t we all deserve to feel better. Right? Without destroying ourselves. I was terrible the amount of drugs that they shove into everybody. And we’re the little robots, right? We’re too old to take that. So, take that doesn’t matter that they just tear me apart. I mean, they’re just not good for my system. Well, they’re not normal. Right? I mean, anything that starts working against you… and of course, he asked them, what does this actually do? They never really know. It might help you. While you’re talking about your life or death… might’s not good enough. I ripped all the muscles off the bone years ago with the four-wheeler, pulling it out of the mud. But anyway, like say I get chromosome shot for it, but it still wouldn’t work. I could grab it pull it down. But did you just reach back and do something like that, that just didn’t want to go there anymore. I was told by the doctor that that would never come back and my shoulder because it had literally ripped the muscle off of the bone. He said it’ll get to the point where you can use it, but that’s always going to cause you trouble and never work right again. That was his opinion. And he was right up until I started taking the oil.

Eric’s father got diagnosed with fast acting lung cancer and was given six months to live. And I recently read about and I said, well, what about cannabis oil? And just to see what his reaction was. And so maybe you know, I said have you read about it in the paper like maybe we should talk about it.

Once I found out that it will work on this I said sure, I’m willing to try it. Never go back now, I can tell you that. After talking to Rick he said you know it works on chronic pain. I said, well, I’m your candidate to try that because I’ve lived that since 99 every day in my life. You know I go to bed with it. I get up with it. If I wake up in the middle of night is there it just never went away. Now I get a full night’s sleep. I feel good when I get up in the morning. The pain’s never back the way it was.

I always knew that marijuana was medicinal. All I knew it worked for glaucoma.

Oh my eyes… My eyes… My glaucoma, yo, gee,  I forgot about that. Yeah glaucoma, I had that bad. This one eye is down to 14 and the other one’s 16 from 31 or 32. I feel a lot better. I feel a lot better. 10 times better. I don’t know pain or malaise now.

My eyesight is improving. Man. I’m proud of my face.  It’s wrinkled up but it ain’t got the big holes in there, like a head and stuff running from them. I feel much better. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t come across. Mr. Simpson. I might not be sitting on this chair today.

I take it twice a day, usually in the morning and at night. And out of that, while like I say just a drop is all I take, and that’s all you need. Because I mean, that’s, I don’t have anything terminally picking away at me right? Well not that I know about it. Yeah. I don’t figure ever I’ll ever have now.

After I used it and it did clear up the symptoms I had… 20 years younger, physically 20 years younger.

It has taken that pain out of my back that aching out of my back that I had from those three back injuries, that I’ve had for so long. And just having that pain out of my back, It has changed my life. I can sleep again I can I can lay down again I can sit up and get in a chair. I mean, there was so many nights that I lay there at the kitchen table at two o’clock in the morning crying because this aching, you know, it just wouldn’t go away…  and to have that gone in itself was fine with me and I got like anything else. I said, Okay, I can handle anything else. I’m ready this now you know, type of thing. And it’s a God’s blessing. It

It eliminated the pain enough that I can function perfectly. The pain I have left is well within tolerable levels. I mean, we all have pain, right? I mean, especially when you get older. I’m 52 years old.  I’ve had four open heart surgeries. That slows you down a little bit. But I can’t complain about my lifestyle right now, what I can do, I’m just happy as can be. Because I never thought I’d be able to do it. You know, I’ve been told by the medical profession years ago that I’d only sat in a couch and watch TV. They didn’t have enough parts left to go. I mean, I’ve never had any side effects. No problem that way. Seems to control my weight, though. I used to have an awful problem gaining weight. Now my weight just stays there. I don’t know what that is, I think it just helps your body work with itself.

The reason I think that people have a hard time believing what the cannabis oil can do is because they’ve been brainwashed by our system. I mean, we’ve all seen the commercials, you know, cannabis, marijuana is bad. Well, I would like someone to prove show me where the bad is, who died from cannabis?

That’s like everyone you hear or you meet… the people that have done it. But everybody, it’s like, I guess in some ways for the people to believe in hemp, It’s like if people say they saw a UFO.  Seeing is believing. So for me that was just incredible. I’m just happy to be alive. You know, because there was nothing to doctors to do. But they did say go home and die more or less. You know, they don’t come out say that. But they just said there was nothing they could do for me.

I didn’t really want to come down here. But my better half forced me to come and I did. And that’s the best move that I ever made my life. That’s when things changed. You know, I started eating, I started feeling better. I walked out of here with hope, which I didn’t have when I first come in. But I walked out of here, I had all kinds of hope and pray to God, and things worked out. You know, and the cannabis oil just started working.

The government and the medical system do not want you to have the ability to cure your own diseases. These people don’t want anything to change. They’ve got the big cars, they got the big bank accounts. Well, we’re happy the way it is. And now that we know about this oil, well, yeah, we can afford to go buy it because we’re the ones that make the big money. They don’t give a damn about the poor people.

There seems to be a lot of things that this can help. It’s just a sin we’re not allowed to find out more for the sake of the ungodly dollar. I mean, that’s what it always boils down to. Right. I mean, people should have a right in this country to keep themselves well. That should be a basic, Greg, I thought it was supposed to be but I’m finding out not so much. I went to the doctor and Amherst.  And I told him what I was doing. And he froze right in his tracks. I told him my story that I heard that it would work. And I said will it work, will not? He said see, so be honest about it. He said I can’t confirm it, and I can’t deny it.

There’s so many people out there suffering with so many diseases that this works for. And I didn’t at night I don’t sleep very well because I think of those little children that are being poisoned and that are being fed chemotherapy and radiation and infants, and this is so horrible.  

Find out how good it is. I know it’s good. But listen, it’s more than just for cancer.

If you have a serious medical condition such as cancer, what right does anyone have to tell you that you cannot use cannabis medicine?

Take a look of me six months ago. I was up and down, up and down, like I had no energy had nothing to do. Right now I want to live. I want to live. You know, God put it out there for us. Why are we using it? Why are we denying this to somebody that’s going to say someone else’s life.

If people would just realize how much this medicine can help them, the world would be a better place. This is a miracle medicine. There’s no way around that.

I got nothing else to say but you know, it’s good. It works.

I just know that the cannabis oil works. I really cannot explain. It works. It works. That’s all I can say. You know like a word. God loves all these people they How do you not believe this? I mean, it’s right before your eyes.

January ‘07, my father came to stay with my wife and I because his cancer had become unmanageable. He could not stay alone anymore. At this point, the man had fluid in both lungs, couldn’t even barely walk around. His breathing had gone down to 70%. And he was on his last legs. We started him on the treatment. And inside of three months, the cancer was completely gone. In between that he got nothing but better.  The man improved every day from the time he started the oil until he went to a maintenance dose in March.

When I went over for my cat scan, and I was going down the hallway and I ran into a nurse and she was shocked when she saw me.  I wish I would have had a camera to take the picture of her face. It was worth a million. And I went over to get the CAT scan. I wasn’t gonna go, but I went over because I wanted to make sure. You know like we always had that little doubt in your mind. And the results were that I am cancer-free.

Cancer Epidemic in Modern Times

Cancer and disease today. A dose of reality. I was born in 1949. I am a child of the 50s and 60s when I was young cancer and many other medical conditions that are so prevalent today were quite rare. When my cousin David was diagnosed with cancer in 1969 at the age of 22, I thought that he had been misdiagnosed. Could a man of this age have cancer? Three years later in 1972 Dave died from cancer at the age of 25. My cousin was the first person that I knew directly that died from cancer. I am not saying that people did not die from cancer in the 50s and 60s. But cancer at that time was rare enough that I did not know anyone who had died from this disease until my cousin died in 1972. I spent most of my working career employed with the hospital system. From the 1970s, up until I was injured in 1997, I watched the exponential growth of cancer and many other conditions that had been considered rare. Every year that went by the number of people that were stricken with these diseases continue to increase, and so did the death rates. During all these years, I often wondered what was causing people to succumb to these diseases that were increasing at such an alarming rate. In the last few years, through my research, I have come to the conclusion that this increase in disease is caused by our environment. In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by chemicals, poisons and carcinogens that are wrecking havoc with our immune systems. Even our food supply in many cases is not fit for human consumption. Look at the hormones that are added to our meat. How could this be considered healthy or safe? Seemingly innocent products that we use in everyday life are full of carcinogens and other contaminants. In my estimation, about 90% of cancers are caused by our environment. Over the last few decades, the number of people affected by diseases like Crohn’s, diabetes, allergic reactions, etc. have skyrocketed, and no one is doing anything to curb this trend. Through my research into cannabis medicine, I have discovered that properly made cannabis oil is a cure-all that could at least give the public a chance to ward off these illnesses. Throughout man’s history, cannabis has always been known as man’s oldest and safest drug. And cannabis is non-addictive.

Why is Cannabis Prohibited?

Why is the public being denied the use of this medicine by our system? The law that was put in place in 1923, restricting cannabis use was a total sham. Laws are supposed to be put in place to do the greatest good for the greatest number. In hemp’s case, this did not happen. This law was put in place to please big money so they could increase their profit margins. What do they care if the Canadian public suffer and die due to this drug’s restriction. The Canadian people put their faith and trust in our political, medical and legal systems to do the right thing for the public. Unfortunately, to date, this issue has been ignored. We are in the middle of a cancer epidemic. To whom can the public turn? In the name of the Canadian people, I am asking this system to start working for the citizens of this country and to end this needless suffering and death. I don’t care if you work in our political, medical or legal systems. Do you not have loved ones who have died for no reason? Why does our system support laws that are so obviously corrupt? What chance do any of our loved ones have if changes are not made? To me in life there is only right and wrong. To deny the truth about cannabis medicine is a criminal act against the Canadian people. To continue hems restriction in medicine could only be termed insanity. If no one gives a damn or cares for nothing but themselves, what future does mankind have?

Since my injury in 1997, and our medical system, political system and legal system, they’ve all done their best to keep me from the one medication that helps my condition. The simple fact that denying hemp’s use to me could lead to my death does not seem to matter to them. In Canada, we have what is known as a marijuana Access Program. Even if a person is lucky enough through this program to be granted a license to possess cannabis, they are not allowed to collect resins or to make the essential oil that contains the real medicinal value of the cannabis plant. You can smoke hemp joints till the cows come home. But it is highly unlikely that smoking cannabis will cure your cancer, and the government knows it. The public have been led to believe that all you have to do is see your doctor for a prescription for hemp. The reality is that you have a better chance of winning the lottery. There is approximately only about 2000 people in this country that have a license to possess him. After over two years of dealing with our legal system, I am truly sickened. What chance does an ordinary man who enforce them, are denying reality. During my charter challenge about four dozen sworn affidavits from people who had used cannabis oil for many different medical conditions were presented. These affidavits were dismissed as if they meant nothing. Nine months later, at my supreme court trial, I had 10 patients and six doctors ready to testify. But none were allowed on the stand. When you have people who have been cured with terminal cancer ready to testify, and doctors are there to back it up, why would their testimony be disallowed? It seems that the justice system isn’t looking very hard for a cure. Anyone can see the loss of revenue that the free use of cannabis and medicine presents to the drug companies. But also, it is easy to see the suffering that cannabis’s Medical restriction is causing. Are profits really more important than the health and welfare of the people who inhabit this planet? Presently We here at Phoenix tears are launching a worldwide internet protest to bring him back into mainstream medicinal use. Our hope is that many other websites out there and the public will support this protest to lift the restrictions governments have put in place against hemp’s use. The future of humanity rests on the success of this protest. Get involved. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake.

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