What do the new Cannabis Laws in SA mean for those at Work?

What do the new Cannabis Laws in SA mean for those at Work?

In addition, the court ruling didn’t provide measures or levels of impairment, which would give employers an indication of whether marijuana use may impair an employee’s productivity or become an injury risk. No employer wants an employee who is not functioning fully while in the workplace.

Johnson further explained that marijuana use does not necessarily imply impairment of an employee, as many cannabis consumers can function fully. However, being under any sort of influence while in the workplace is largely frowned upon.

“Cannabis affects people in different ways. For some people, it could enhance their performance, while others it could affect them negatively. The employer needs to be able to show that it has a negative effect on an employee’s job.”

Employers may have to wait for the end of the initial 24 month period before they will be able to obtain further information on matters such as these.

As with many things in cannabis, we need more research! And this research will give great insight into CBD alone, as well as the use of CBD in animals. So, can CBD treat depression in elephants? Patience will be key as we wait to find out!

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