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Phoenix Tears South Africa is a company that was founded more than 7 years ago. From our very first day in business, we’ve made it our mission to provide people suffering from serious health problems an effective treatment. Cannabis oil – THC oil and CBD oil, also called Rick Simpson Oil, or dagga oil, has become a mainstream treatment method in South Africa, and it will undoubtedly become even more widespread and accepted in the future.

South Africa on the 18th of September 2018 finally decriminalised cannabis – this wonderful healing herb – for private use. We supply doctors, health practitioners, health shops, senior citizens and patients with cannabis oil in South Africa country-wide.

Cannabis oil is a truly effective treatment for a variety of ailments, however the true power of the cannabis plant has yet to be fully researched and understood. We are among the companies that lead the way in research and development for cannabis oil in South Africa. Our goal is to give people a safe and effective treatment option for various diseases, especially when other medications haven’t helped.

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What are the health benefits of cannabis oil?

If you decide to buy cannabis oil in South Africa, you’ll receive a product that you’ll be able to use as treatment for numerous ailments. Here are some of the best known health benefits of cannabis oil:

  1. Improved brain health

    – Cannabis oil has been shown to boost brain health, as it can protect people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It’s also commonly used to treat other neurological disorders, like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis oil also enhances your sleep quality, thus helping your brain rest and recover.

  2. Positive effects on heart health

    – High blood pressure often leads to more serious health problems, including stroke and heart attacks. Cannabis oil greatly reduces your stress levels and lowers blood pressure. Due to its antioxidant properties, our products will protect your heart and make your cardiovascular system stronger.

  3. Enhanced mental health

    – Cannabis oil has been shown to have a tremendous effect on people suffering from mental health disorders like depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for these disorders, which can often cause a range of unpleasant side effects.

  4. Pain relief

     – Cannabis has been used as pain relief treatment for many years. With our cannabis oil, you’ll get all of the pain relief benefits of this plant without any hallucinogenic side effects. Compounds found in our oil can activate pathways found in the central nervous system that are tasked with blocking pain signals from getting sent to the brain.

  5. Reduced cancer-related symptoms

    Cancer patients usually go through treatment that can have many negative side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and pain. Using Cannabis oil for cancer can help you reduce the severity of all these symptoms and make it easier for you to go through your treatment. On top of that, cannabis also has certain anti-cancer properties.

Cannabis oil contains more than 500 natural compounds, of which the most powerful are called cannabinoids. These compounds play an important role in alleviating symptoms related to a number of serious health problems, including:

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Cannabis oil can be used to treat both physical and mental health problems. You can also use to relieve pain caused by headaches, treat inflammatory bowel diseases, decrease stress levels, relieve nausea, and much more.

What our customers say about Phoenix Tears

Kerry Gibson
Kerry Gibson
Phoenix Tears
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I have been using Phoenix Tears from just after they started. In that time, I have tried dozens of other cannabis products to compare them and see which ones work the best. It is my opinion that Phoenix Tears is by very far, the most comprehensive and effective cannabis product on the market right now. From pain reduction, cancer treatment, sleeping aid or for disease prevention I have not found anything that works as well. What I particularly love is that Phoenix Tears is a broad spectrum cannabis product meaning it has all the balanced cannabinoids that are naturally in the plant and that are critical for competed healing and treatment. With all the toxic rubbish out there I am comforted by the professional and high quality product that I get from Phoenix Tears.
Lesley Thompson
Lesley Thompson
Phoenix Tears Testimonial
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Phoenix Tears is amazing. I have tried other brands of cannabis oil and Phoenix Tears is the only brand that works for me. I use it to sleep soundly - no waking up between 1 and 3am: it calms my anxiety and helps manage the pain I have in my hands and joints caused by OsteoArthritis. I have used Phoenix Tears successfully to treat a Sarcoid on my horse, internally and externally. While treating my horse for the tumour I noticed a change in behaviour from a ‘hot’ highly strung, tense, anxious animal to a more relaxed ‘chilled’ horse. It definitely changed a neurological pathway. I highly recommend Phoenix Tears.
Testimonial: Phoenix Tears
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I work in Alternative health as a Biofeedback therapist and have been using Phoenix Tears for myself and my family, as well as my clients, for a few years now. I had tried many different oils before coming across this product. I would highly recommend this to oil to anyone wishing to try and full spectrum cannabis product. There are so many oils on the market of dubious quality, but I have always found Phoenix Tears to be consistent and of a very high standard. I have clients using it for a variety of conditions like anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, inflammation, cancer etc. I have also used the suppositories for clients with late stage cancers with wonderful results. I love this product and happily recommend it to anyone wishing to try a very good quality and consistent oil.

What makes our cannabis oil great?

Phoenix Tears is a company that has been supplying health shops, medical patients, senior citizens, health practitioners, and doctors with cannabis oil in South Africa for several years. Since the government legalized cannabis oil in 2018, our business began to thrive more than even before.

Throughout our years in business, we have always stayed true to using only the best extraction process for our products and growing our cannabis without any pesticides. At Phoenix Tears, we use a clean extraction process that involves propanol alcohol instead of benzene, which makes it non-toxic.

We also spent a lot of time developing the perfect cannabis hybrid for our oil. The products we sell are made from a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica cannabis hybrid strain that research has continuously proven to be among the best medicinal strains available.

We deliver cannabis oil across South Africa

Our products are popular in a number of different countries. We supply them to people in countries like Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania, where they are widely used. Nevertheless, our main focus is to make sure customers can easily get a hold of our cannabis oil in South Africa.

That’s why we deliver them all across the country. If you need cannabis oil in Cape Town, Durban, or any other place in the country, we can get it delivered to you overnight. On the other hand, customers who’re looking to buy cannabis oil in Johannesburg can choose a local pickup option in Parktown North and save on the shipping costs.

How to buy cannabis oil online?

We have an online shop that is incredibly easy to use. You can order cannabis oil in South Africa online at any time and have it delivered to you the next day. In case you ordered it on the weekend or holiday, please wait a few days to receive it.

When you head down to our online store, you’ll see that you have the option to choose between cannabis oil tinctures and suppositories. The suppositories are sold per capsule, while the pure cannabis extract tincture comes in two sizes. There is also a cannabis oil package available that includes both the tincture and the suppositories, specifically created with cancer patients in mind.

Each product features a description to help you understand why and how it’s used. When you decide which item you want to order, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. You’ll have the option to provide a coupon code for a discount. These codes are sometimes shared by Phoenix Tears and provide special discounts to our customers.

Your next step is to select whether you want the product shipped to you or if you’d prefer to pick it up yourself. Know that picking up your items is available only if you want to buy cannabis oil in Johannesburg, since the pickup location is Parktown North.

Proceed to checkout and fill in the necessary billing information. Note that you’ll have to deposit a payment directly to our bank account. Use your order ID as the payment reference. Only after the payment is confirmed will your order be sent.

Order cannabis oil from Phoenix Tears today!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for quality cannabis oil in Durban, Cape Town, or any other place in South Africa, you can count on Phoenix Tears. We’re a company with years of experience in the medical cannabis space and products that can provide outstanding results to patients suffering from a variety of illnesses.

The cannabis oil that we sell is made using a clean extraction process and derived from a special hybrid strain that is proven to provide the best results for medical treatment. You can order our products with ease on our website, and have them delivered to you the next day. Make your first order today and start experiencing the healing power of cannabis oil tomorrow!

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Download information that includes everything you need to know about Medical Grade Cannabis Oil and using this holistic drug to help prevent and treat cancer, pain, insomnia, depression and many other ailments.

NB:  Please Google whatever disease you have – along with Cannabis Oil – and see for yourself how effective it is in the search results.