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Cannabis Oil Drops Dosage

Cannabis Oil Bottles

We supply our Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil in 10 and 20 ml bottles with a dropper, ensuring precise dosage and preventing wastage. A bottle retails for R1450, and by using the normal dosage, lasts approximately four months (R362.50 p/m).  10ml Bottles contain 1.5 grams, and the 20ml bottles contain 3 grams of pure cannabis, mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

Please note this product is very strong and should be taken with consideration to your personal tolerance.  

If you have never used cannabis oil before start with:

  • 1 drop/day at night for 3 days then 
  • 2 drops/day at night for 3 days then 
  • 3 drops/day, or more, depending on your personal tolerance

Cannabis is regarded as a powerful herb and therefore we therefore recommend a slow, step by step process to begin. Start with one drop at night; observe the results and gradually adjust the dosage. We recommend not exceeding 6 drops for a first-time customer.   The more you take, the better and quicker you will notice improvements in the condition you are treating.

Take the drops orally just before retiring. The natural ingredients give Phoenix Tears an oily, grassy taste. For those who don’t mind the taste, the drops can be taken under the tongue, which gives more effective and immediate absorption. Alternatively, you may take the drops with small biscuit before you retire.

Every person is different. Most people will have immediate health benefits. In others, it takes a while for benefits to manifest. In a small percentage of cases there may initially be a feeling of light headedness. The oil starts a detoxification process which may make you feel slightly worse, before the healing begins. It is important to persevere, as your body takes a few days to adjust to any healing process. To enjoy the considerable health benefits, continue to take the drops regularly.

Cannabis Oil Suppositories Dosage

Cannabis Oil Suppositories are by far the most effective way to use cannabis oil.  There are no psychoactive effects – it does not get you high – when using cannabis oil rectally.  Cannabis Oil taken by suppository bypasses the liver.

Patients report getting almost immediate (30 minutes) relief from pain as the cannabinoids make their way into the body quicker. Also, more cannabinoids reach your system because there is less loss from digestion that otherwise typically happens in the stomach (it’s more bioavailable).

Take 1 suppository in the morning after bowel movements and 1 in the evening around six pm according to your needs.

Cannabis Oil Suppository Capsules

Cannabis Oil Treatment for Cancer Patients

Suppositories deliver incredible health benefits, and are especially ordered as part of a cancer treatment, which also contains cannabis oil drops.  Please call us for information if you are unsure of anything.

Cancer treatment: (Stage 1 & 2)

120 Quarter-gram suppositories (pure Cannabis) and one 20ml bottle (3 grams pure Cannabis) with 15 ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Total cost for 2 months: R9 250.00

Cancer treatment: (Stage 3 & 4)

120 Half-gram suppositories (pure Cannabis) and one 20ml bottle (3 grams pure Cannabis) with 15 ml of virgin olive oil.
Total cost for 2 months: R17 050

Pure Cannabis Oil (Rick Simpson Oil) Dosage

Pure Cannabis Oil in a Syringe

Canadian Rick Simpson was the first to popularize this method of extraction, although cannabis oil, or hemp oil as it’s known, has been used by man for thousands of years as medicine.

This is pure, full extract cannabis oil (feco)- meaning it contains all the goodness of the plant including every cannabinoid and terpene, allowing you to take advantage of the entourage effect.  The entourage effect is where cannabinoids and terpenes work together in concert with each other to produce a better effect together than one cannabinoid can have alone.

First used by Rick Simpson to cure his skin cancer, it has become known that cannabis oil works  and gives relief for many conditions because it affects the endocannabinoid system. This system affects every other system in the human body.

Rick Simpson Oil is very strong.  For dosing, only an amount equal to a grain of rice, or less, is needed, and only according to your personal tolerance.  Every person has a different number of cannabinoid receptors in their bodies regardless of weight or height and so everybody has a different level where they feel comfortable. Also called Dagga Oil, THC Oil, Weed Oil or misspelt Fenix Tears Oil.


Cannabis Oil and a Healthy Lifestyle

Cannabis oil should be taken together as part of a healthy lifestyle. Relax, and remember your mind is a critical part of the healing process. Being positive about your treatment is critical. Good quality food and water, vitamins and minerals are important.

Exercise, including walking and pursuits like yoga and meditation, enhance the healing properties of Cannabis oil.

Please note*

The dosage depends on the person and the condition being treated. Cannabis oil drops and Cannabis suppositories have different purposes and different instructions as to dosages.

For Cannabis Suppositories dosage instructions please also refer to the Cannabis Suppositories’ Brochure.

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