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Dagga Oil (frequently asked questions)

What is dagga oil?

Dagga oil, also know as cannabis oil, FECO, Hash Oil, is the extract obtained from the dagga plant.

Dagga is the Afrikaans term commonly referred to for cannabis but it derives from the Khoikhoi word dacha, which was used by the early European colonial settlers in the Western Cape.

Dagga Oil first became famous with Rick Simpson who used the extract to cure his cancer.  He then went on to show that it helps with many other problems.  This is because the Human Endocannabinoid System is so vital and central to our all-round well-being.

What is the difference between CBD oil and dagga oil?

The difference between CBD oil and dagga oil is that dagga oil contains all of the compounds of the dagga plant including THC, while CBD Oil only contains one extract called Cannabidiol.  This is important to know because more than 140 active compounds have been discovered in the dagga plant, many of them with medicinal properties.  CBD and THC working together is called the entourage effect.  Both of them together is more effective than each one working alone.

Where can I buy dagga oil in South Africa?

You can buy dagga oil here, at Cannabis Oil South Africa. We sell dagga oil drops and suppositories called Phoenix Tears (or Fenix Tears).  We’re based in Johannesburg and we ship country-wide to the rest of South Africa, overnight.

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How do you make Dagga Oil?
Please see our guide with step by step instructions on making dagga oil at home using equipment commonly found in South Africa.  

After growing dagga plants, and harvesting the flowers, it must be processed to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.  The plant material is crushed and mixed with a solvent such as Isopropyl Alcohol.  

You usually get 10ml of dagga oil from every 100g of dry plant material, although this can vary widely depending on the quality of flower used.  In South Africa it is now legal to grow dagga, to smoke it in private, as well as to consume the oil extract. 

What does dagga oil do?

Compounds found in the dagga plant called cannabinoids are very similar to compounds called endocannabinoids that humans naturally produce.  Dagga oil contains all of these compounds including ones called terpenes (they are responsible for the smell of the plant).  Terpenes also have therapeutic effects. 

What does dagga oil do and why is dagga oil so effective for treating so many diseases?  The reason for this is that the endocannabinoid system in the human body affects all of these functions below:

appetite and digestion
chronic pain
inflammation and other immune system responses
learning and memory
motor control
cardiovascular system function
muscle formation
bone remodeling and growth
liver function
reproductive system function
skin and nerve function

These functions all contribute to homeostasis.  If something happens to your body which affects homeostasis, your body produces endocannabinoids which puts tings back into balance.  Isn’t is amazing that such a fundamental human system is understudied?  The prohibition of cannabis has certainly put scientific advancement in biology back by a few decades.

There are two main endocannabinoid receptors in the human body – CB1 and CB2.  CB1 receptors are found in the central nervous system.  CB2 receptors are found in the peripheral nervous system, especially in immune cells.

What else can dagga oil do?

Dagga oil has successfully been used to treat these conditions:

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Rick Simpson speaks about how he extracted dagga oil from marijuana and used it to cure himself from cancer.


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So guys, welcome to Episode 33. I hope you’re well. Hope everyone’s enjoying the show. It’s been a lot of fun getting these episodes out here. Hope you’re all well, and all learning some stuff, as always been getting some great feedback. And, as I said, been December for keep pointing people in direction of our website at www.reviveyourself.com for a free four-day mini-course, and any questions that you’ve got on any of the interviews, etc. Then send an email to me at Ryan at reviveyourself.co. And you can follow us on Instagram at revive_yourself on Facebook/revivenaturalhealth. But otherwise, guys, I have some great news. People were loving Dean’s Story. And all the other interviews have been getting some really positive feedback. Today’s guest is one that I’ve been wanting to get on for a long time and it’s about the controversial topic of dagga oil. In my opinion it shouldn’t really be a controversial topic.

About Dagga Oil

Dagga oil is one of the most healing entities on the planet. Dagga, the dagga plant, is a phenomenal, phenomenal plant that can be used in many different ways to enhance our life. And today’s guest is Rick Simpson of Rick Simpson dagga oil. And he is someone who went for his own health crisis like many of our guests, and then he came across the dagga oil and has never looked back since. And he’s all over. He’s been over all over the world lecturing about the benefits of this and even for his time here. Even for his time trying to get it out to the public, he’s faced many challenges. But Rick is someone who if you’ve been following the natural health world come across dagga or you’d have heard his name, he is extremely passionate about getting out the brilliance of these dagga oils as dagga extracts and the hidden potential that they hold. And just the miraculous properties that are in are in these plants. The true hidden nature of them he is so passionate about getting out to everyone. You’ll see in this interview with him, because he really doesn’t hold back and he is honest, to be honest, he’s actually got the dagga that the governments don’t want to let people take. People can take medicines, for example, that kill hundreds of 1000s of people a year. But they’re not allowed to take this pure, beautiful natural plant dagga that has been shown to stop cancer cells dead. But anyway, I’ll let Rick loose and I’ll let you listen to him and what he what he’s got to say on it, and his bountiful plentiful knowledge, as they say. So without further ado, here he is. Here’s the man Rick, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Rick Simpson on the Revive Yourself Podcast

Hey, guys, and welcome to Episode 33 of the Revive Yourself Podcast today we have world-famous guests talking all about dagga oil and its benefits. And that is Rick Simpson. How are you today, Rick?

Oh, I’m doing just fine brother and I’m happy to be with you.

Awesome. Anyone who’s been around the natural health world, looking into different therapeutics at the moment et cetera to deal with any sort of chronic illness, you probably would have come across Rick and his work. He is someone who’s very passionate about it. And you can find Rick and his work at Phoenixtears.ca and www.simsonremedy.com and I’ll be putting those in the show notes. I first come across you Rick, it must have been about, it will be quite a while now, I think maybe more than five years ago when I watched Run From The Cure, the film. If you think a couple years ago I heard that you were actually gonna do a sequel to that has that come out? Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen it.

About the Sequel to Run from the Cure

No, there was supposed to be a sequel done. I mean, we raised over $20,000 to give to Christian Lorette so he could shoot the second video but for the last two years I haven’t been able to get in touch with him, so I don’t know what happened. But you know over a quarter of that money that he was given actually comes straight out of my pocket. I was as upset about this as everyone out there. I would love to have seen that video come out because I’m sure it would have been very important. But I don’t know what’s happened here, whether Christian was threatened or, you know, anything is possible. So it’s all really that, you know that. The second there is the follow-up to Run From the Cure. That’s all still up in the air. Okay,

That was that was good. Yeah, I was gonna be Run To the Cure, wasn’t it, it was gonna be called I think? Yes, yeah Run To the Cure.

Okay, so just for the audience out there most of them will probably know of you but your story was you’re a retired power engineer. And that in 1997, you got a severe head injury, which led you to using dagga oil. So just give us the Reader’s Digest version of how you come about to find out about dagga oil extracts and how you started making your own dagga oil?

An Introduction to Rick Simpson Oil (Dagga Oil)

Well, see, I had this severe head injury in 1997. And the doctors put me on all these chemicals and pills, and everything they could throw at me, but nothing was helping. And then about a year after my injury, I was watching an episode of the nature of things with Dr. David Suzuki. And it was called Reefer Madness Two, and it showed all these patients, you know, smoking dagga to relieve their medical problems, and it was working miracles. You know, I had smoked dagga in the past, but I never looked at it like being a medicine. So I went out and got some dagga. And when I smoked it, it worked better than anything that the doctors were providing.

Do I Need a Prescription for Dagga Oil?

In Canada, at that time we had the Medical Marijuana Access Program. And so, I asked doctors for a prescription for dagga, so I could use it legally. And, of course, all the doctors said the same thing. You know, it’s bad for your lungs, it’s still under study. You know, what nonsense. You know, a plant that has been used in medicine for 5000 years is still under study. But even the smoking aspect, I mean, it did provide me with more relief than what the doctors were giving me. But I needed something stronger because I have what they call post-concussion syndrome. There’s ringing in my head 24 hours a day, and it’s extremely loud. it drives my blood pressure crazy. And there were other complications, like, I had issues with my balance due to the injury and due to the chemicals the doctors were giving me. So by 1999, I was getting very desperate. So I went to my doctor’s office one day, and I asked him, I said, What would you think, if I actually produced the essential oil from that dagga plant and ingested it as opposed to smoking it? And the doctor got a very strange look on his face when I came up with it. But he did it, man, he said that this would be a much more medicinal way to use this plant. But they still would not give me a prescription. But at that point, I mean, I was getting desperate. So I did produce right at home right after that meeting with the doctor. I had some dagga there. So I produced the dagga oil extract. But, I’m ashamed to say, the reluctance of the doctors, to provide a prescription really made me wonder if dagga actually did present a danger, and since I had created a strong concentrate, I knew it would be sedated. But I also thought that it could do me harm. So I had it just more or less sat there for the following almost three years. And then in late 2001, I was called into the doctor’s office and they told me that there was nothing more they could do. They had tried everything. So I was now on my own. And again, I asked him. Then the doctor knew that dagga was the only thing that was giving me any relief. So I asked him for a prescription again, and again I was refused.

Correct Dagga Oil Dosage

So having nowhere else to turn, I went home and I started ingesting this dagga oil and the results were just amazing because of the effect of all these chemicals and pills that they’d been feeding me by late 2001 when I was called my doctor’s office, my thinking abilities were so bad that I can hardly even remember my own name. This is the effect these medications have. And also, they tend to make you suicidal. But when I got on the dagga oil, I started with small doses about an hour before bed. And then within a month, I was up to the point where I was ingesting about a third of a gram at night just before bedtime.

What were the Effects of Dagga Oil?

And what was happening, it was just amazing. I mean my thinking processes cleared up, my blood pressure come under control, my arthritis I had in my knees that just disappeared. I started losing weight. I lost between 30 and 40 pounds. The weight just started falling off me and I found a bit frightening. But the truth was I was a little bit overweight. And when I got down to the proper weight for my height, I just stopped losing weight. The improvement was just radical. So many people saw what these extracts were doing for me.

Dagga oil for Cancer

And then about a year afterward, I had gone in to see the doctor about these three areas, these three lesions I’d had since the 1990s, which wouldn’t heal. I had one close to my, on the side of my, nose, close to my right, I mean, one of my left cheek, and I had one on my chest. And when the doctor looked at it, he said, well, that looks like it looks like skin cancer, but he said, we won’t know until we receive the results from the pathology report. So I went in. They wanted to operate on that one that was closest to my eye first. And they said they’d do the other two areas at a later date. So I went in and had that done. And it was about, I guess, five, six days later, I was looking at where they had operated. And of course, it was infected. That’s pretty standard in hospitals these days. And it was right at that moment, a report I’d heard almost 30 years before on our local radio stations, in which it stated that THC, the active ingredient in dagga (I hate that word I would prefer if everyone would just call this one it is the dagga hemp plant), but THC from the dagga hemp plant had been found to kill cancer cells. You know, I heard that report around 1975. But it was presented in a way that the announcer was laughing about it. Because when you mentioned the word dagga, they always had to make a joke about it. And after that report, I heard nothing more. So my thought it was just, you know, somebody’s sick sense of humor at play. But I’m sitting there and I thought really at that point, I had been ingesting dagga oil for about a year. And I thought, well, this can’t be true, because the extracts that I was producing for myself were very high in THC. And, where I’d been ingesting this, I thought, well, if that was true, then why hasn’t my cancer been cured?

At that time, I couldn’t conceive that the Canadian government would hold a cure for cancer back. You know, to me, that seemed impossible. I mean, surely to God, if there was actually a cure, the medical system would be using it. I hate to say it, but I almost didn’t try it. Yeah, but just to satisfy my own thoughts I was having about it, I decided, well, why not go down and put a little bit of dagga oil on each of the other two cancers. So I did that. And I put a bandage on them. And the only thing I can say is when you have basal cell carcinoma, it feels like you have splinters in the affected area, like wood splinters. And, you know, it’s usually puffed up and bleeding a little bit. And so, I put this on. The minute I put that extract on that splinter feeling went away, but I didn’t feel anything else. So for the following four days, I just left the bandages in place. And so I went down one day, and I when I started to take the bandages off, I mean, I was just shocked, because both areas had completely healed. And I started telling my friends and neighbors. I said I think that the extracts from the dagga plant has actually cured my cancer. And of course, everybody laughed at me, you know? Yeah, right, Rick, dagga oil cures cancer. And you know, in other words, you’re crazy. And then about seven weeks later, where there’s the cancer, they had surgically operated on close to my eye that comes roaring right back. So I put a drop of oil on that I put a bandage on the same thing. I removed the bandage four days later. Now that was in early 2003. I’ve never had to retreat from these areas, since that time.

Doctor Denies that Dagga Oil Cures Cancer

I did go back to my doctor’s office for a copy of my pathology report. It just stated right there in black and white, that they had excised the area. They had taken that out. The report had come back that I had basal cell carcinoma, skin cancer. There it was in red and black and white. I told the doctor’s secretary that I would like to have a meeting with the doctor to discuss something I’d been working on. She asked me what’s this about? And I said, well that cancer they operated, it on it came right back. So I treated it and the other two areas with dagga oil. And the minute I said dagga oil, the woman just went rigid. I was standing in a waiting room with five or six patients there. There’s just a small waiting room and this woman was literally screaming at me, the doctor will not go there. The doctor will not prescribe this, and it was like being in the twilight zone, isn’t it? Yeah, I mean, I got in my vehicle. I was driving home and I got thinking, if I was a small-town doctor, and one of my patients had cured their cancer with a natural plant extract, I think I’d want to know about it.

After that, I started supplying dagga oil for other people, at first for skin conditions. And then since I had been taking it myself, and I knew that these extracts were nonaddictive and totally harmless, I started supplying it to people who had internal cancers, serious conditions like lung cancer and things of that nature. And the results were just astounding. Healing people left and right. And it wasn’t just cancer, it was working on everything.

Rick Simpson Approaches Political Parties with Information About Dagga

So I went to every political party in Canada, I went to two federal ministers of health. And McClellan and Yolanda Assange, I went to Dr. David Suzuki with the nature of things, I went to the Canadian Cancer Society, and we even took this to the United Nations, nobody would lift a finger. And that’s when I started realizing just how corrupted our world really is, that’s what’s going on here, really what’s going on. Going on since they outlawed the dagga plant or the medicinal use of it. This is the greatest genocide that’s ever been committed in human history. Because this is really the most effective medicine on this planet. For basically every condition known. I’ve never seen anything like this substance, it’s literally a cure-all. But again, it’s a plant. They can’t patent it. So, the big money behind the pharmaceutical industry and many other industries, dagga was a threat to many, many of these large industries. So they went in and they corrupted the governments into outlying the dagga plant. They gave it a new name, you know, marijuana, and then they come up with all this nonsense, you know, reefer madness and all stupid movies at a Hollywood.

I mean, this is truly a horror story. And if the public actually knew, if they would just wake up and realize what’s been done to them, the number of people that suffered and died since that time who could have been saved? We’re talking hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. It has been going on for decades, for God’s sakes. And it’s still going on to this very day.

You’ve touched on so many points. There’s a lot to talk about things. And people say, oh, conspiracy theories. Well, it’s not looking at the facts. The facts are, when you took that, you mentioned your basal cell carcinoma, and you said the way it started to fall off you was just by using the dagga oil? The only thing you changed? Or did you change your diet and everything else as well?

Changing your Diet with Dagga Oil

No, all I used was just the dagga oil. Actually, the extracts really do change your diet, whether you like it or not. What I found is that all of a sudden, I started eating only about 1/3, the amount that I used to eat. And the truth is, from the time we’re children, we’re trained to eat your breakfast, eat your dinner, eat your supper, and we put all this food into us. And in many cases, we don’t need it. Yeah, 100%, you know, I mean, so naturally, we carry on? Oh, no, that’s what happened to me. And I’m certainly grateful to have done this. Without the use of this dagga oil, I’m sure I would have been dead many years ago.

Saving Lives with Cannabis Extract

This extract saved my life. And now it’s saved the lives and eased the suffering of millions of people worldwide. But unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are using my name to sell their extracts. They’re all making what they call the RSO. And I have nothing to do with any of these people. There’re even medical foundations that are using my name to gather money. Again, I have nothing to do with these people. It’s just showing you what a sick world we live in. And in a way, I hate to go after these scam artists, because there are some people out there that do produce high-quality dagga oil, and they are truly trying to help the sick and suffering. But for every one of those you find, you find 10 people who are out there selling low-quality extracts at very, very high prices. And they are literally scamming the public out of their money because most of these extracts have little or no healing value. Yeah. So it’s truly It is truly a distressing situation.

Well, this is one of the things that, actually when I was talking to your wife, will you trust out the interview saying this made sure. He said like, he’s not gonna advertise any other oils? And I said, No, of course. But the only place that you can find Rick in his work, alright, that the places we mentioned before, and that’s Phoenixtears.ca and www masoumehrambo.com. And we’re gonna make that very clear to people because, it’s because you’ve changed the game, Rick, when you came out and you’ve done this and you spoke about people and now I mean, it has got to the point where you’ve seen people even on social media, people who’ve got seizures, and they’re taking drops of THC or CBD oil. And that a seizure does go, in that you see it before their eyes. It’s got to the point where they can’t even ignore this anymore. It’s become more mainstream at how good it is. But people are still like you are. People are still scared of taking it in case something goes wrong. But they’re not scared of taking chemotherapy or radiation, chemotherapy which has got a 97% death rate. And this is the problem: that people have been so brainwashed, I want to go into that in a little bit. But this is what people were talking about with Rick saying there about how it’s genocide and how corrupt things are. You have been rated as mythical. The last time I was doing my research that you’d be ready for times it and see the last year 2009 by the Canadian Mounted Police raided your home. Does this go through what they were looking for? What was it? What was that? I imagine that was quite an ordeal.

The Corrupted Legal System , the Media, and Cannabis

Well, I was very open about what I was doing. As I said, I contacted all the right people, I was giving the extract away. And I went to the police myself, and I gave them videotapes of meetings. And we had with patients and everything. And I also told them, that local politicians should be charged with criminal negligence causing death because they’re not representing their people. And I told the RCMP openly that I was growing in my backyard, I made no secret of it. And I honestly, I asked them for any of the high-quality dagga that they confiscated. I asked them if they would give it to me, so I could produce more medicine for the people. But then three months later, all that was in 2005, three months later, that same detachment came and raided me. I couldn’t believe it, because I just wanted the public to understand and know about this so that it would give a solution to so many people that were dying. I just wanted to get the word out. Well, I mean, I tried to do it through the government, but what they do to you, I mean, they sent the police to persecute me, as well as the legal system. And so in 2004, I put up the website. This was a year before I was ever charged, I put up the website, Phoenixtears.ca. And on that website, we told the public how to produce their own dagga oil. And I also went to the local newspaper, again, a year before I was ever charged. They did full-page articles about me, pictures of me, and everything describing everything I was doing. Now, would a criminal do that?

You know, what went on in Canada, this whole court, I mean, I’ve seen for myself, how corrupted the legal system truly is. The truth is, these people originally that are running this planet, it’s not our damn governments, you know, these mega-rich psychopaths, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, groups like that. And they’re controlling our governments, the governments, in turn, control the educational system, they control the legal system, the medical system, and everybody’s dancing to their damn tune. But it’s totally ridiculous. Because this allopathic approach to medicine, which was given to us by the Rockefellers, back in the early 1900s. They took over, they started the medical foundations, and then they took over the medical schools. And you see Mr. Rockefeller and his rich friends, well, many of them own these factories, and they’re producing all these toxins that are leftover, and they can’t get rid of them. Well, what a wonderful thing, if you know if they can convince the public that these are actually medicine, and feed it to the people. What a great way to turn a profit and get rid of these toxic substances. And this is exactly what they did. They taught all the doctors the allopathic approach to healing. And they put out the old empirical medicine and the medicine from plants, They shoved those right out the back door. Who on God’s green earth? I mean, when you look at the history of this plant to use in medicine, it’s legendary.

Dagga is the most Medical Plant on Earth

It was a well-known fact that dagga was the most medicinal plant on Earth. So who has the right to outlaw this plant’s medicinal use? No one ever had that right. And it says, reading the Christian Bible, that we as human beings, we all have the right to use these plans to our best advantage. So I mean, what’s going on today is nothing more than madness that was provided to us by the Rockefellers. And I think it’s high time and things changed. Because these treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, cancer-causing treatments to treat cancer. I mean, the minute you take chemo or radiation, well, guess what? Now you’ve got no immune system, your hair falls out. I mean, how could anybody in their right mind look at a patient and say, This is good for them? You’ve got somebody suffering and dying from cancer, and now you’re going to poison them. You know, this is it. This is insanity. I don’t know what you could call it. And today, it’s a well-known fact that I believe it’s over 90% now of oncologists, the cancer doctors themselves, if they had cancer, they will not take their own treatment. They get a big kickback off every sale of chemo that they make. Now, this is not medicine.

In America. I know a lot of doctors actually who’ve been sued. Now those people are going to prison for giving out chemotherapy when they didn’t need it because it mainly means that they earn so much more money. I’ve even heard you say before on, I listened to an interview, you said doctors,  90% of them won’t take their own chemotherapy, but you’d 100% take 60 grams of dagga or, you know, that’s a difference?

The Hippocratic Oath

If you knew doctors would simply follow their own Hippocratic Oath because that is the basis of medicines. And read in that oath, It says first do no harm. And it also states as a physician, I shall not administer poisons. So what are these people doing today? You know, the only side of medicine that I put any trust in is the surgical side. Yeah, as far as the pill pushers, the oncologist, and the psychiatrists go, that is nothing but a fraud. When you’re looking at psychiatry, there is no medical science even behind that branch of medicine.

What amount of evidence is there between mental health now? I know. I mean, this is why there are so many different points. We want to get there. First of all, so this is the thing people don’t realize, as you’ve mentioned in their biographies and stuff. There’s a thing called the 1939 cancer act. People don’t realize this. And by law, they’ve made it illegal for you to treat cancer with anything but surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Now, you’ve got something like dagga oil that’s never killed anyone, been hugely used here as it treats cancer, it’s known to kill cancer cells, dead. Phenomenal. It’s never killed anyone. And you’ve got things even like aspirin that are killing hundreds of thousands a year. And then every other medical drug, but they’re not. They’re in kind of a show out there for public consumption. And to me to say, it’s just baffles belief, if you can look at that one way. It’s trying to stop things going because it’s their bottom line. It’s a $2 trillion industry or even pounds. This has affected you so much now that you’ve had to travel around during Croatia, right? Because if you stay around, they try and track you down.

I mean, everybody knows where you know where I’m at. I go and I do lectures. I’ve done many lectures here in Europe with some of the top experts in the world. Yeah. You know, I’m not hiding out from anyone.

You said, is not hiding. It’s kind of what you said. I think it was 2009. I think you said it was just becoming a pain in the bum to just deal with Canadian police. Was that correct? Or have I got that wrong?

Raids and Confiscation of Dagga

Well, and the last raid performed was when I was at the Cannabis Cup doing a lecture in 2009. And they made me Freedom Fighter of the Year in 2009, too, but it was just a couple of days or a day before they made me Freedom Fighter, that’s when I heard it. My son called me and told me that the house had been raided again. And I couldn’t believe it, but you see what was happening? I was becoming such a thorn in the Canadian government’s backside. Well, it was no secret that I was going to be in Amsterdam. No.

So, it was about a week after I left for Amsterdam, that’s when they performed the raid. And, they went in there, the RCMP went in there to train me is what they did. They said they found restricted weapons. Well, the only thing that was in my house when I left Canada was a child’s pellet gun. Any 10-year-old can buy one. They’re not illegal. And they said they found booby traps in the yard. And the RCMP were afraid for their lives. What had happened, when the day I was leaving for Amsterdam, there were a couple of small bags of garbage on my deck. And when my son came back from dropping me off at the airport, the landfill was closed. So we took a couple of boards, and he drove nails in them, you know, sticking up, and he put them around the garbage bags to keep the bears out of that right. So these were the booby traps. And then these idiots for the RCMP went into my backyard and they dug up 70 pounds of compost. Just when I was done producing the extracts, I always threw the plant, you know, the plant material out as waste compost. I used to throw it on the hillside in my backyard. And so they went out and they dug this up. And this was their evidence. I mean, what a sick joke. I knew that they were just trying to frame me. And I think they thought that, well, if we can keep him out of Canada, we can starve him out. And they damn near did, I have to admit that because I was living for the following three years in Europe on practically nothing.

Governments and the Truth about Dagga Oil

But I kept giving lectures, I kept going to different countries whenever I could. And I always expose the truth. And now I’ve gone all over Europe. Now the whole world knows the truth about what the Canadian government did. But it’s not just the Canadian government. I mean, yes, they’re definitely holding the truth back and they’re trying to control this and they have no right to do that.

Repealing Marijuana Laws World-Wide

You know, these laws need to be repealed. But you have to look at what the American government did. It was in when Richard Nixon became president. He was wanting to get to the bottom of this dagga issue. So he formed the Shafer Commission. Well, the Schaefer commission came back and told Nixon to legalize this plant. And they also told them that they didn’t even consider it to be psychotic. So what does Nixon do? He turns around and he starts the war on drugs. And then you know what drugs do? They are not. I don’t call this a drug. It’s really a medicine. But what did they focus on? Dagga oil? After the medical school in Virginia study, the one I was referring to earlier, the medical school in Virginia study was designed to prove that dagga caused cancer. But what it did is it just proved just the opposite. It proved cannabinoids, like THC, were actually killing cancer. And so at that point, Gerald Ford, well, Nixon had been impeached. So Gerald Ford had taken over. They went around, they shut that study down. And then he went around and confiscated as much of the medical research as they could from all the universities in the US. And then the wonderful Gerald Ford passed it all right back to the pharmaceutical industry. The thing is, the pharmaceutical industry felt that they needed to take the high end of this medication. Now, I mean, these are the same monkeys that supply us with oxycodone, Percocet, and all these other horrible addictive substances that will get you high as a kite. But they’re not worried about the high that that creates. Anybody is first getting high from dagga. That’s harmless. Nobody in history has ever died from dagga. You know there’s no rational reason behind this. Today, they even say we need to do human trials and all of this nonsense before it could be made available to the public, No human trial, your human trial? Yes.

First Human Trials of Dagga Oil and Extracts in England

Well, all these people up on the internet, I mean, there’s hundreds of them out there that are provided video testimonials about the wonderful effects this dagga oil has had on their medical problems. But human trials were actually conducted back in the 1840s, in England. That’s when Dr. O’Shaughnessy returned after nine years in India. And he introduced dagga into dagga medicine to all the doctors in England. And they were producing the dagga oil and infusions, and they were having wonderful results. So that was no secret. And even back at that time, they had already found that if you have the proper dagga strains, the extracts have far superior pain-killing abilities than even the strongest opiates. So this was in 1840. In the 1840s. That’s when human trials were conducted. So there is no logical reason that this is going on today. It’s just something you mentioned here, I think I’ve heard you mention as well. You said, in 1954, the United Nations then made it made a statement that is not medicinal. Not a medicinal plant. Is that correct?

Well, that was Harry Anslinger. Right. I mean, he was the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

Later they said it’s not, but before but hundreds of years before they proved it was a healing plant.

The Most Medicinal Plant Known to Man: Dagga

Well, it’s always been known. I mean, if you go back in the ancient Persian religious text, 800 years before Christ, the Vedas listed the most medicinal plants known to man. The number one plant on that list was can the dagga hemp plant. It’s no damn secret. The greatest healers in history use this plant. Even Jesus Himself. They always say, well, Jesus used the power of God. All of these miracles that Jesus was supposed to have worked, I think it had a great deal more to do with the healing power of dagga because in the holy anointing oil and of the major ingredients was the substance they called Canna blossom. Well, that’s, that’s what they called dagga bud 2000 years ago. So the holy anointing oil was full of the same cannabinoids as the dagga oil I produced contained. 200 years after Christ, the Chinese were using a mixture of these dagga resins and wine as an anesthetic. And they were doing painless operations and amputations. Ended up in the 11th and 12th centuries. There’re reports of how effective dagga oil was in the treatment of tumors. All of this has been hidden. And this is so disgusting that to these rich psychopaths it’s just all about greed and power and they don’t care who they have to kill to get what they want. And unfortunately, these are the same people that are controlling our planet. As a matter of fact, that one family, the Rothschilds alone, they say that one family has enough money to feed, house, and clothe, every human being on this planet. Now, should any one family have that kind of power? No, you know, this is ridiculous.

The Obscenity of Money

I mean, I remember seeing something once Rick where it was a female, I can’t remember what she was using, natural health, and she did the report into a lot of how money spending is actually happening. And she said in America to feed, clothe, sanitize home every single person in the world, it will cost something like $26 billion, or something like that. And she said, in one year, America spends $52 billion on ice cream. So you spend double the amount on ice cream, and they will do to the house, clothe, and sanitize everyone in the world. And well, this is what it’s all about. The money, and talking about dagga and how healing it is, I’ve seen people using dagga for lots of concrete, hempcrete, and using hemp to make cars. I think Henry Ford was the one who put a sledgehammer to it. It was lighter than steel, much stronger. You can use it as a fuel. And it can be used for so many different things it’s actually just, this becomes a point of, where when is your brain? And do you think there’s a reason why they hide this from us?

Everything in Our Daily Lives can be Produced from Dagga

Well, I mean, today, over 60,000 different things. So, practically everything we use in our day-to-day lives can be produced from dagga. And so why aren’t we doing this? We could put people back on the land. We could put an end to unemployment. We could put an end to starvation. We could supply our own energy needs. It’s a solution to so many of our problems that what we’re currently facing is a rational solution. Even when you come to the fields, when you look at dagga, when dagga is growing, it takes in co2, and it gives off fresh air. At the end of the cycle, after you take the seeds, the medicine, and whatever else from the plant, you can then take what’s left over and turn it into a fuel. And when that fuel is burned, it just releases the same amount of CO2 that it took in while it was growing, No increase in CO2 levels. The only reason we have this is because we’re burning these damn fossil fuels that have been buried in the earth for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years, and they’re full of CO2. So why are we doing this? This, you know, this is truly madness.

The Modern World Compromises Our Immune Systems

And, and when you look at, you know, the Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, and all of these poison industries, today we’re living in a toxic world that is becoming more poisoned every day. This is compromising our immune systems. And this is why we’re seeing this horrible increase in cancer rates and all these other diseases. It seems like they come up with a new one every week. This is a rational solution to all of these problems. It’s also a solution to this drug-addicted society that we’re living in. People everywhere, they’re all popping these pharmaceutical medications. And actually, they’re high on the damn things. A lot of people don’t even realize it. They become addicted to it, especially soldiers that come back with PTSD. The first thing they do is throw them on the opiates, and then they turn them into drug addicts. The rational solution here is to give the soldiers dagga oil. It helps them deal with what happened. I’ve had so many positive reports from soldiers that have used this. They’re holding all of this back because unfortunately, it’s like I said, our governments are all in the back pocket of big money. It doesn’t make any difference what political party you vote for. These parties are all bought and paid for. So no matter who gets elected, you still get the same nonsense. I mean, how many times have you seen an election where they kept their promises? That doesn’t happen. They’ll tell you anything. They don’t tell you anything to get elected. But once they go in there they go right back to work for the big money. Well, they don’t give a damn about their citizens.

If it made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it. So always like left and right-wing, a part of the same bird. It’s much of a muchness, and as you say, you’re passionate about this. I want to get this information out to people so they understand that as much as the government wants to do anything, you can go out and you can blaze your own path. So maybe you’re telling people, I want to get into your dagga oil and THC and CBD and what’s different there.

Dagga Oil, Crohn’s Disease, and Shawna Banda

But there’s a story I heard about a lady who was suffering really badly from Crohn’s disease. Our son got up in school, when they were saying about how dagga was bad, he said her son got up in school and said, well, no, I know it’s different. It’s a healing plant. And then the government sue her or was she put in prison for that. I can’t remember what it was.

Well, you’re talking about Shawna Banda. She’s a woman from Kansas and she was literally on her death bed. She was dying from Crohn’s. And she heard about the dagga oil, how to produce it. She got her hands on a little bit of this dagga oil, and it started bringing her back in a very short time on her feet again, in a fairly healthy condition. She’s been a great little activist for dagga oil. But that’s what happened. Her son, this was two or three years after she was healed, her son went into school one day, and they were trying to preach all of this nonsense about how harmful dagga was, and the child just disagreed. And he told him the truth. And then next thing, well, they come out, they took her children away. And then she was charged. I mean, what a rigamarole this poor woman had to go through. But they didn’t put her in jail as I understand it. Recently, she was supposed to go to court in Kansas, and I wish she had because she had so much support behind her. But, they had badgered her so badly, I think that they just put so much pressure on her that she accepted some kind of deal and I haven’t heard exactly what took place. So I can’t relay that information. But what a shame that they do this to people. Somebody’s dying, and they save their own life by using a plant extract, and that’s a big bad crime. I don’t know where these authorities in dagga had been living. I mean, half the US states now or over half have legalized the medicinal use of this plan. They’re not doing this for no damn good reason. And the same thing is happening worldwide.

Dagga Oil Legalised

You’re seeing all of these countries – Canada, Australia, Romania, Czech Republic, South Africa, all of these different countries everywhere are legalizing Dagga. But they’re still trying to… see… the governments are legalizing the medicinal use of dagga but they’re not saying why. And the governments are still trying to promote the use of these synthetic cannabinoids like dronabinol or Marinol, synthetic cannabinoids produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Because you see, they can patent them. Why do we need synthetic cannabinoids? And actually, these cannabinoids have proven to be harmful in many, many situations. And I’ve heard that people have died from them. Now, nobody dies from the natural cannabinoids on the planet itself. So why do we need this nonsense? It’s all about the patents. The pharmaceutical industry is corrupted to the core. I’ve openly stated that I firmly believe that the pharmaceutical industry has known how to cure cancer for at least 150 years. Back in the 1800s, they were all producing dagga-based extracts because it was a major ingredient in most of the damn medications that companies like Parker Davis Squibb, Ely Lilly, a major ingredient in practically everything they were selling. As a matter of fact, in the 1880s Ely Lily was selling painkillers, hasheesh, painkillers, and I’m sure they work, but they always controlled the potency. Around the 1880s 1890s, that’s when they started mixing. Well, if I take one chemical and I mix it with another, I can patent that. And this is what Rockefeller and his rich friends push. What a horror story.

How does dagga oil make you feel?

Dagga oil makes one feel very similar to smoking dagga.  However, the medicinal properties of dagga are much enhanced in an oil format because many medicinal compounds are destroyed during smoking.  Importantly, using the oil in suppository format does not produce the psychoactive effects that consuming the oil orally does.

Cannabis Oil Product Range
How much does dagga oil cost in South Africa?
Here is the cost of our dagga oil products at Cannabis Oil South Africa:
  • 20ml bottles containing 3g of dagga oil: R 1450
  • 10ml bottles containing 1.5g of dagga oil: R 800.
  • Quarter gram dagga oil suppositories:  R 65
  • Half gram dagga oil suppositories: R 130

Will dagga oil show up on a drug test?
Yes.  Infrequent use will show positive for up to 1 – 3 days while moderate users can expect positive results for 7 – 21 days.  Heavy users may test positive for a month or longer after last use. It is now legal to consume dagga products in South Africa.
Why do we sell dagga oil suppositories?

It’s best if you take dagga oil rectally.  Research shows that smoking dagga is good for your health.  Taking dagga oil drops orally is even better.  Taking dagga oil rectally is the best.  This is because the ingredients are better absorbed by taking it this way.  And this is why we recommend dagga oil suppositories for cancer

Can dagga oil make you last longer?

Yes.  While it is not yet fully understood, it is thought that the ingredients in Dagga Oil enhance blood flow to the penis, reducing ED effects. Healthy blood flow leads to  improved sexual performance and ejaculatory function.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that dagga oil can help you have longer lasing sex.

Is dagga oil legal in South Africa?

Yes.  Dagga oil is legal to consume in South Africa.  The Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of usage of dagga and the right to privacy.  Dagga and Dagga oil can be consumed within your private dwelling. 

Also, the constitutional court has ruled that the right to privacy extends both to your person and to your vehicle, which means that you can legally transport dagga oil with you in private.


Is weed legal in South Africa?

Yes.  Weed is legal to consume in South Africa.  The Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of usage of dagga and the right to privacy.  Dagga and dagga oil can be consumed within your private dwelling.

Dagga Flowers
Related: decriminalisation of dagga for personal use  

Watch as dagga and dagga oil are decriminilised in South Africa for private consumption.

South African Constitutional Court Rules in Favour of Dagga

South Africa. After it emerged that adults cannot light up at home without fear that police will come and knocking on their door, today’s constitutional court ruling it decriminalizes the private use of cannabis. Parliament has been given two years to amend the legislation.

Anticipation outside the court was palpable. In 2017 the Western Cape High Court already ruled that sections of the law preventing others from using and growing Dagga for personal use was in violation with the constitutional right to privacy. The Constitutional Court confirmed this. The effect of the judgment of this court is to decriminalize the use or possession of cannabis by an adult in private for that adult person’s consumption in private. In the case of cultivation of cannabis, the effect of this judgment is to decriminalize the cultivation of cannabis by an adult in a private place for that adult’s personal consumption, in private.

The ministers of Justice, Police, Health, Trade and Industry, as well as the NPA, opposed the legalization of cannabis oil for private use. They argued the risks involved, and that no right was being violated. But a vindication for respondents, rastafarian Gareth Prince and Dagga Party leader Jeremy Acton.

Comment by Dagga Advocate Gareth Prince

Today is a vindication for the Rastafari Community, for the Cannabis Community, as well as for myself in the sense that I am to be given the dignity and the respect that I as a Rastafari deserve, because I am an indigenous member of this country. Rastafari is an indigenous culture of South Africa, and that we need the respect and the dignity that all other people in South Africa should get. So, we are extremely thankful and joyful. So many people since the Western Cape high court judgement have been arrested in their homes as a result of this order, of the events of the prohibition, and so although the judge did, these judges did not dismiss this, this still allows us and all those who were arrested, and who are imprisoned as a result, to make separate applications in their various high courts to have this possibly, their freedom granted, as well.

South African Traditional Healers and Dagga

Traditional Healers are equally happy. We are struggling for such a long time to administer a plant and today, in this court, we are granted permission to administer a medicine. I think that’s very, very important because it tells, it communicates, to the Bill of Rights, because the bill of rights gives us the right to healthcare of choice. So, this then tells us that we have a right to administer a form of healthcare that understands people’s rights, people’s culture, people’s religion, and whoever thought that in south africa today we will be celebrating a plant.


The court has given parliament 24 months to rectify the law. It says legislators will have to decide on the quantity of cannabis that an adult may use possess or cultivate for personal use. Parliament says the public will be able to make submissions during this process. Selling and dealing in dagga remains a crime.

What is endocannabinoid deficiency?

Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) is a theory proposed by some researches that low endocannabinoid levels in your body over time contribute to a range of conditions.  It can explain why some people develop migraine, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.  

If endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome is confirmed then some researchers recommend taking dagga oil to supplement the body’s own endocannabinoids, but more research is needed.


What else can you call dagga oil?

Just like cannabis has many names, dagga oil extract also has many names.  Dagga oil is also known as: Cannabis Oil, THC Oil, Weed oil, Hemp Oil, Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabis Cure Oil, Run From the Cure Oil, F.E.C.O (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Ronnie Smith Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil (like you used to get “back in the day”) Cannabis extract, Hash Oil and even dagga olie.


Can you overdose on dagga oil?

No, you can’t overdose on Dagga Oil. There’s never been a single recorded death from dagga usage throughout history.

Dagga oil for cancer in South Africa

Rick Simpson is the person who first popularised Rick Simpson oil for the treatment of cancer, but then went on to show that it works for may conditions.  Below is an interview with Rick Simpson about the history of dagga oil.

Treating a brain tumour with dagga oil

When I decided I wanted to use medical dagga to treat my brain tumor I was aware that I was doing something illegal in this country. Quite frankly when you’re facing your death, all of that goes out the window. I started to investigate and I found a YouTube film of a man in America that had treated a baby with dagga oil. As soon as I saw it, it was like a light bulb that is what’s going to save my life. Once I started administering the dagga oil I started to feel better, almost immediately. By December of that year, when I should have, by all terms been dead, I got the best news of my life.  I have had my MRI, and, news flash! Dagga kills cancer.

I don’t care if these medicines come from a tomato plant, a potato plant, or a dagga plant. If the medicine’s safe, and helps, and works, why not use it?

Dagga oil is for more than just cancer

Well, it goes way beyond just cancer. You know well that we all have an endocannabinoid system. All animal life has the same system. And this dagga oil contains the cannabinoids that work with our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system actually brings balance to our whole bodies. The cannabinoids could act as the immune system boosters, and it has because it reaches much further than just cancer. I really don’t know of any condition at all that this isn’t probably the best medicine you could possibly take. There’s a strain out there that will suit the needs of anyone, but it’s just a matter of determining which strains they are.

Governements and dagga oil research

And at present, the governments have prevented the proper research from being done. But I think in a short time we’ll be able to get more research done on this and then people be able to grow strains that they know will help them. But at present time, it’s a very mixed-up situation.

Pain relief and dagga oil

So, the only advice I could give people is to actually look for strong Indica varieties that are over 20% THC.  What I found, I mean arthritis, Alzheimer’s, even schizophrenia, it just goes on and on. Multiple Sclerosis.  There’re so many diseases… Parkinson’s… that this medicine can work miracles for.  So, this is what I hope people begin to understand. When it comes to pain relief, there are strains of dagga that will actually produce dagga oil that’ll make a painkiller that is far superior to any opiate. Now, this was a known fact back in 1840 in England. They did human trials back then on this, on the dagga oil extract, and they also knew at the time that the extracts could actually relieve pain that morphine and other opiates couldn’t even touch. It’s a much more rational solution to relieve pain from any condition because there’s no addiction, and there’s no danger.

Dagga oil to break addictions

Well, there was the research study here but recently they verified this is a wonderful way to break people’s addictions to all of these horrible substances. Dagga provides the answer but people just have to realize that the Indica strains are the way to go if you’re going to make dagga oil for internal use. If you make dagga oil from the Sativa it can be very energizing and this could have a very detrimental effect on the patient. So if you’re going to make dagga oil for internal use, make sure it’s Indicas. And please, come to realize that it’s not just about cancer. This is the best medicine on this planet, and even for preventative… This is another thing that I recommend: Use the medicine to bring your body back to a state of good health. Take a full 60-gram treatment if you can do that and bring your body back to a state of good health. And then just continue on with maintenance doses to prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Dagga oil for skin cancer and lung cancer

So many other diseases can be prevented if you have these cannabinoids in your body. I think that cannabinoids are going to change the face of medicine forever, and it’s high time that something did. Skin cancer can be treated externally. You just put it right on the cancer and then put it on and apply a bandage. And, what I always recommend is to change the bandage about every three days and just apply new oil until it completely heals. But you know for internal cancers and things of that nature it’s best to take the treatment by mouth or you can use suppositories. You can use it for vaporizing – and vaporizing is actually very good for people with lung conditions or even people with lung cancer. For people with lung cancer, I always recommend that they ingest the dagga oil just following the instructions on our website phoenixtears.ca. Every time they take their dose of medication I instruct them to use a vaporizer to take 2 or 3 puffs of the vaporizer every time you take your dosage and then the cannabinoids are coming at them, especially with lung cancer. By ingesting the oil it’s going through your stomach, into your liver, and then it’s going into the bloodstream, and then it’s coming and it’s attacking the cancer through the bloodstream. But by vaporizing this dagga oil, you’re actually bringing the unburnt cannabinoids… you’re breathing it right in on the cancer. So, it can have a very beneficial effect for people who have left or suffering from lung cancer. For any lung problems or breathing problems – asthma – anything of that nature – I think vaporizers are a great way to go. It’s beyond crazy. I mean you know the top experts in the world are all singing the same song here. Lately, we’ve got a cure, we’ve got a viable, rational treatment for cancer that is very, very effective here. It’s not just cancer, it’s all medical conditions.

Dagga oil and the Hippocratic oath

This is the greatest natural medicine on this planet, and the other thing is it follows the Hippocratic oath. The Hippocratic oath is the basis of medicine. That oath states first do no harm. And it also states I shall not administer poison. Now when you look at chemotherapy and radiation, what do you get? Poison of the worst kind. And the other thing is practically every prescription doctors provide us with is poison to the liver. So the reality here is that doctors are not following their own sacred Hippocratic oath because if they were, they would be administering, and they would be backing the use of dagga oil because this medicine does it. It does everything that the Hippocratic oath instructs. It does no harm. It produces no danger and no addiction. So, on top of that, it happens to be the most effective medicine on Earth. Who do you know who has the right to tell us that we don’t have the right to use this? This is beyond crazy. In autism and things of that nature, epileptic seizures, the dagga oil is perfectly safe, you know, but it’s a matter of where are you getting your dagga oil?

Beware of dagga oil scam artists

I always hope that people would grow their own, and they grow their own plants and produce their own dagga oil because anybody can do this. But unfortunately, most people feel so helpless that they’ve got to run out and buy the dagga oil from all these scammers on the internet. And there’s a great number of them. I mean, there are some people up there who do supply decent dagga oil, I won’t deny that, but for every one you find that will give you a decent oil you’ll find 20 who are just up there to con you out of your money. Most of them, a lot of the time, you get dagga oil and they won’t have little or no healing values at all. It’s unfortunate that so many people are being scammed in this way, but I mean read on my website. I’ve openly stated to be aware of the scam artist, and for god sakes, produce your own medication, become your own doctor. Oh yes, detoxifying the heavy metals from your body. In theory, you don’t want toxins in your body anyway, but you know when it comes to different conditions like autism a few years ago people were saying CBD was the answer to autism. Well, CBD is not exactly the answer to autism. It may help in some cases, and actually, in other cases, it may do more harm than good.

Dagga oil with the entourage effect: THC and CBD

What they found was if they use THC along with the CBD they achieve much, much better results. So again, it always goes back to, I always tell people don’t be drawn into this nonsense about CBD and CBN and CBG extracts. This is all nonsense. Dr. Rafael Michelin himself, the man who discovered THC, he’s always said it’s the entourage effect of all these different cannabinoids working together that creates all of these wonderful healing effects, and he’s absolutely right, and with my dagga oil, I was growing very potent Indica strains that had very high THC levels, so my dagga oils were up in the 85, 90 % or even more THC. But they also contain CBD, CBN, CBG, and all the other cannabinoids that were available on the resin that make that plant produce. I’m saying, if you just take the same vibe from any strain, say like Northern Lights, if you have some plant material, you’ll produce a dagga oil and it’ll have all the different cannabinoids that were in that plant. They’ll all contain that. So there will be CBD, but the levels vary from one strain to another. But it was my dagga oil that actually gave this medicine the recognition it deserves and my dagga oil was very high in THC, so we all know the THC has really always been looked at as being the cancer killer. It’s not just about killing cancer cells, there’s a wide range of other benefits that THC provides. I would say to anyone use the high-level THC strains and produce their own dagga oil. A lot of these strains, now, the different companies, can tell you that it might be a certain level CBD or THC, but then some of these companies are telling you what level of CBD they have, so that’s something people can play with. But unfortunately, I get questions all the time from people about what ratio should I use. What ratio of THC and CBD? Well, unfortunately, nobody can answer that question because the proper research has never been done. This is definitely a natural right and I mean read the Christian Bible. It says we have the right to use these plants that our nature provides to heal ourselves and to whatever other benefit we can derive from them.

Government control of dagga is ridiculous

To me, that for the public to sit and allow these governments to dictate to them that you’re not allowed to grow dagga, is ridiculous. Like I said these governments never had the right to outlaw this plant in the first place because all through history back in Iran, in ancient times, the Zoroastrians put a book out. It was like eight hundred, nine hundred years before Christ. They listed over ten thousand medicinal plants and their medical values. The number one plant on that list was the dagga hemp plant. Hundreds of years before Christ it was a well-known fact that dagga had amazing healing values. But unfortunately, it was always used as a political and religious football, and then the big money got into the game and of course, they had the dagga plant outlawed. And because it was a major threat to so many of their huge industries which are literally killing our planet, but this plant is a threat to them all because we could be using dagga to replace these industries, and this is what we should be doing if we want to get the human race of the future. But the big money, they don’t want it that way. These people, when you start talking about Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and people have names like that, you’re talking about people who are nothing but psychopaths. They’re out to destroy the planet and they’re out to destroy us. I think it’s just about time we put a stop to it.

Dagga oil helps a young boy with a rare skin condition

Medicinal Dagga continues to unfold and for one little boy with a rare skin disorder, it’s been a near miracle. First reported last May, his family was really in the dark. They were desperately seeking some answers. Well now, dark spirit shows us how they are seeing the light all thanks to dagga cream.

For Carter Gray, that is the sound of relief. We just got to oil up your head. A massage from mom that means so much more. We first met Carter a year ago. He suffers from lamellar ichthyosis, a rare skin disorder with no cure that causes dark scales where dead skin cells don’t flake off. Despite corrective surgery, Carter’s skin is so tight he can’t even shut his eyes. He’s forced to spend most of his time inside. But his family is hoping this… it’s a miracle plant, that’s what it is… just might change that.

It showed us from the first time that we used it that it was worth continuing to use. When we first brought you Carter’s story his parents were dealing with industrial-sized vats of coconut oil and making some progress, but nothing like what’s contained in these small jars. Creams made from dagga oil, an extract of marijuana.

How would you describe your reaction when you realized you’d found something that worked?

I cried a lot. I still cry. I’ll be in the bathtub just scrubbing his back and the scales just fall right off into the bathtub.

Carter’s grandma makes the creams in her kitchen, giving her grandson a gift no doctor could.

Completely clear, like soft as a newborn. Take a look at these before and after photos of Carter’s back and head: No scarring, no sign that there was ever even any buildup there at all. A dermatologist told them that there is nothing on the market that I could prescribe you that would give you better results than what you’re getting.

So how does it work? Dr. Scott Jacobsen says dagga taps into the nature of our own bodies. The endocannabinoid system is found throughout the body… in the brain… in the immune system… in the nervous system, as well as in the skin, actually. Skin cells have cannabinoid receptors in them and so by putting them on topically, you’re going to get that action directly where it’s needed. Dr. Jacobson also says dagga is known to reduce inflammation. For Carter and his family, it’s a giant leap forward.

Since our first report, Carter’s story has gone international. We have a lot more about his journey on ktnv.com. In the future in this country and in the whole world, to honestly realize the healing potential, just right there in front of us. Are you familiar with using a dagga oil prepared via the Rick Simpson protocol?

Please visit our shop where you can buy Cannabis Oil South Africa products including dagga oil tinctures and suppositories.