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Cannabis Oil Tincture 20ml, 3g Pure Cannabis Extract

Our cannabis oil is supplied in 10ml and 20 ml bottles, with a dropper, which ensures precise dosages and prevents wastage.

Each 20ml bottle contains 3 grams of pure cannabis mixed with extra virgin olive oil.



Also called Rick Simpson Oil, our medical Cannabis Oil is extracted from medicinal cannabis we grow ourselves. Our extraction process is non-toxic and does not contain any solvent residue.

There are hundreds of uses of cannabis oil including treatment of cancer, pain, Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and many more.

We supply cannabis oil to South Africa.  Overnight delivery to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban; normal delivery to the rest of S.A.

Recommended Usage

Cannabis is a powerful herb and therefore we therefore recommend a slow, step by step process to begin.

Please note this product is very strong and should be taken with consideration to your personal tolerance.  

If you have never used cannabis oil before start with:

  • 1 drop/day at night for 3 days then
  • 2 drops/day at night for 3 days then
  • 3 drops/day, or more, depending on your personal tolerance


Start with one drop at night; observe the results and gradually adjust the dosage. The more you take the better and the quicker you will notice improvements in the condition you are treating.

The drops are taken orally just before retiring. The natural ingredients give Phoenix Tears an oily, grassy taste. For those who don’t mind the taste, the drops can be taken under the tongue, which gives more effective and immediate absorption. Alternatively, you may take the drops with small biscuit before you retire.

Every person is different. Most people will have immediate health benefits in others it takes a while for benefits to manifest. In a small percentage of cases there may initially be a feeling of light headedness. The oil starts a detoxification process which may make you feel slightly worse, before the healing begins. It is important to persevere, as your body takes a few days to adjust to any healing process. To enjoy the considerable health benefits, continue to take the drops regularly.

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4 reviews for Cannabis Oil Tincture 20ml, 3g Pure Cannabis Extract

  1. Rose Welthagen

    I have had a terrible problem with not sleeping. Besides that, I have arthritis in my hip and ever so often in my hands. I discovered Phoenix oil around 7 years ago and started using it because of my problem with sleeping. I then realized that my hip pains and the stiffness in my hands ,were disappearing. I have tried a few other brands of cbd oils, and none has helped ,as much as Phoenix tears. I trust the way they make up the oils,and am confident that it is made with the utmost care.
    I have recommended this product to anyone who has similar symptoms,and they all have thanked me profusely.
    I really would say that this is a very good product.

  2. John Easom

    I am a 70yr old man who has lost cartilage from both knees owing to arthritis.
    I have been taking Phoenix Tears every night for over 3 years to relieve pain and to help me sleep.
    It performs extremely well with consistent results from every bottle.
    I take 3 drops every night under my tongue and sleep like a baby.
    This product is miraculous and all my friends and colleagues who I have introduced it to swear by the relief it gives them.
    I thoroughly recommend this CBD product Phoenix Tears.

  3. Anthony Rezek

    This is an amazing product.
    It’s consistency is constant and it is a pleasure to use this product as the results do not vary.
    The product ingests well and can always be relied on to do the job.
    I highly recommend Phoenix Tears to anyone requiring this type of product.

  4. Sean van Rooyen

    Thank you for introducing me to Phoenix Tears. I now swear by the product. I have been using it now for about 9 months and I am finally able to get a decent nights rest. I was not able to get more than 2 hours sleep a night before taking Phoenix.

    I am now able to sleep through from 9pm which is incredible. The best part is should I wake up in the evening I’m able to fall straight back to sleep, previously before taking Phoenix I would wake up and not be able to sleep for the next 4 to 5 hours.

    I’m super happy with product and will recommend it to anyone in the same boat as me. I feel like a new person after living on 2 to 3 hours sleep for the past 10 years.

    All the best and thank you.

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