Pure Rick Simpson Oil

Each syringe contains 3g of pure Rick Simpson Oil cannabis extract.



Rick Simpson Oil is the final result of whole plant extraction, also called Full Extract Cannabis Oil (feco), Dagga Oil, or just Cannabis Oil.  This product is very strong and only a small amount the size of a rice grain or less is recommended at one time.

Uses of Rick Simpson Oil:

Read here for the journey of discovery Rick Simpson embarked on.  He used the cannabis oil extract on skin cancers, and then found out it’s astonishing ability to treat many conditions.  These include pain, insomnia, anxiety, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and many others.  Note that the oil is also known to lower blood pressure.


Each person’s tolerance is different – regardless of height and weight.  We all have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies – some people have more, or less, than others.  Interestingly, our cb2 receptors are only expressed in our cells in the presence of inflammation.  This means people experiencing inflammation will have more cannabinoid receptors available for the molecules to latch onto.  This also explains why cannabis oil is good at treating chronic pain for example.

Take only as much as your own body can process.  We recommend a rice-grain size amount, or less, in the morning and in the evening.  Note that the product does produce psychoactive effects and please bear this in mind if needing to work during the day.

About Cannabis Oil South Africa

We supply cannabis oil in South Africa with overnight delivery to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban; normal delivery to the rest of S.A.

The brand of oil we produce is called Phoenix Tears, a full extract cannabis oil (also misspelt as Fenix Tears!).  Our medical Cannabis Oil is extracted from medicinal cannabis we grow ourselves. Our extraction process is non-toxic and does not contain any solvent residue.


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