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Transcribed cannabis podcasts from around the world

Cannabis Podcasts

Stay up to date in South Africa on cannabis oil (dagga oil) information with selected cannabis podcasts from around the world.

1. About Cannabis Oil and Pain Relief

2. Episode 60 – Transitioning from Opioids to Cannabis for Pain Relief with guest Adie Rae PhD

One of the most common reasons people become interested in cannabis is for pain relief. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with Adie Rae, PhD about the physiological underpinnings of pain, how cannabis offers pain relief by interacting with several body systems, and how patients can transition from highly addictive opioid pain relievers to using cannabis instead.

2. About Cannabis Oil and Crohn's Disease

Episode 300: She Manages Her Painful Crohn’s Disease With Cannabis

At the age of 17 she began developing extreme digestive issues and back pain. By the time she turned 20, Nikki Jackson of British Columbia, Canada, was on 15 different pharmaceuticals for digestive pain and some for the resulting anxiety/depression of being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Using cannabis and cannabis oil for Crohn’s disease during the last 8 years is the only thing that helps her manage her pain and digestive issues.

3. About Cannabis Oil ADD and ADHD

Episode 39: Cannabis and ADHD, with Max Simon

Max Simon was a closeted cannabis user since his teenage years. It wasn’t until years later, when he got into the cannabis education business, that he understood the reason he had been so drawn to it all those years was it was helping his ADHD. In this episode, Simon discusses how that process played out, how he found the dose and regimen that works for him, and what exactly cannabis does for him as someone with ADHD.

Episode 18: Can Cannabis Oil Treat ADHD?

Dr. Kirsten Muller-Vahl says her patients with Tourette’s and ADHD told her they get relief from cannabis. She believed them. But anecdotal evidence isn’t enough. “In the end you always need controlled trials because otherwise you cannot differentiate between pharmacological effects and placebo effects,” she explains. So she started clinical trials.

4. Explaining Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System

1. Endocannabinoid Mechanics Part One with guest Miyabe Shields PhD

The endocannabinoid system can seem like a magical engine sometimes and, as cannabis enthusiasts, it’s good to dig in and learn how it actually functions. 

On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with cannabinoid scientist Miyabe Shields PhD about the chemical mechanics at the basis of our endocannabinoid system, including how cannabinoid receptors function, how cannabinoids take action, why we develop THC tolerance and how to manage it, and the effectiveness of whole plant versus single molecule cannabis medicine.

Shaping Fire Ep. 81 – Part Two – Endocannabinoid Mechanics with Miyabe Shields PhD

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system works in ways that are unique to themselves. Our best chance at success with cannabis is to understand both the science generalizing cannabis use while also learning how our own body functions specifically. On this episode of Shaping Fire, Miyabe Shields PhD returns for Part Two of Endocannabinoid Mechanics and talks with host Shango Los about how minor cannabinoids function, why we find cannabis relaxing, choosing between the various modes of cannabis use for the variety of relief we are looking for, and dosing thresholds for extraordinary ailments like immune disorders, cancer and others.

1.  The Young Cannabinoids – Cannabichromene and Cannabigerol (CBG and CBC)

Not all chemicals are created equal – and not all cannabinoids are made in the same day.

Some start early, and some take time to ripen – and so today we are here to look at the first Cannabinoids, CBG and CBC, that the Cannabis plant grows in the trichome head and ask:

What do they do for the plant?
What do they do for humans?
And do they get you high – and can they keep you young?

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About Cannabis Oil South Africa

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