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Cannabis Oil Suppositories, Half-Gram, per Capsule

Half-gram Cannabis Oil Suppositories (Pure cannabis) have been developed as part of a treatment for cancer patients as well as providing health benefits for many other ailments.

Proven track record with hundreds of clients.



Half-gram Cannabis Oil Suppository (Pure Cannabis) R130.00 each.

Cannabis Oil Suppositories are the best way to take cannabis oil!  Importantly, using suppositories, one can obtain all the benefits of cannabis oil without any psychoactive effects.

Also called Rick Simpson Oil, dagga oil or Phoenix Tears (also misspelt as Fenix Tears), our medical Cannabis Oil is extracted from medicinal cannabis we grow ourselves. Our extraction process is non-toxic and does not contain any solvent residue.

Suppositories can be ordered individually for conditions including the treatment of pain, arthritis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and many more conditions, or as described below, as part of a cancer treatment regiment (the half-gram cannabis oil capsule is specially prepared as part of a stage 3 and 4 cancer intervention).

See here for cannabis oil dosage.

Cannabis Suppositories for Cancer Treatment (Stage 3 & 4)

For those interested in cannabis oil as part of a Cancer treatment, we sell cannabis oil and suppositories as part of a package deal. We suggest half-gram suppositories as part of a stage 3 & 4 cancer treatment regiment:

The package deal contains 120 half-gram suppositories (pure Cannabis) and one 20ml bottle (3 grams pure Cannabis) with 15 ml of virgin olive oil.

Total cost for the package deal for 2 months: R17 050.

About Cannabis Oil South Africa

We supply cannabis oil including cannabis oil suppositories to South Africa with overnight delivery to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban; normal delivery to the rest of S.A.

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1 review for Cannabis Oil Suppositories, Half-Gram, per Capsule

  1. Sheila Gillespie

    Almost 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. I was in and out of hospital up to four times a year and living on immune suppressants and cortisone. A good friend of mine introduced me to Phoenix Tears drops and suppositories three years ago and I have never looked back. I stopped all my medication immediately (which was handfuls) and started on the drops and suppositories. After a few months I didn’t need the suppositories anymore. I have never looked back and I have never had a hospital visit in three years. What a great product! It just shows you that natural products do work. Thank you to Phoenix Tears. I am a firm believer in this product.

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