Cannabis Oil Suppositories

Cannabis Oil Suppositories

There are many ways to use cannabis oil. The use of cannabis oil suppositories, however, is the most effective, and at the same time probably the most controversial, method.
cannabis oil suppository bum

What are cannabis oil suppositories?

Even people who have never used cannabis in their lives probably know what a joint is, or what a marijuana brownie is, or maybe even different types of cannabis teas; But even among the most experienced of cannabis users, there is still a powerful and unknown method of administration: cannabis suppositories.

A cannabis suppository is a small capsule containing cannabis oil concentrate that is inserted into the rectum or vagina. The suppository then melts and dissolves, and it’s contents are absorbed into the body through the colon, or if inserted vaginally, by the vaginal epithelium.

But why should I use a cannabis suppository?

Cannabis oil is anti-cancer, anti-pain, helps with depression and anxiety, is anti-inflammatory, helps with sleeplessness and insomnia, and there are many more conditions that it helps to treat. See our testimonials page and why is cannabis oil effective for so many conditions? Cannabis oil suppositories are the most effective way to use cannabis oil to help with these conditions.

The human colon contains cannabinoid receptors (CB1 receptors), and the pelvic region also contains a series of nerves that pass through the body. In 1996, a study of two patients, after taking THC by suppository, had 50 – 60 % more THC in their system than if they had taken it orally. Suppositories had nearly twice the bioavailability because of higher absorption and lower first-pass metabolism.

What is Lower First-Pass Metabolism?

Taking cannabis oil rectally bypasses the liver. Doing so bypasses something called first-pass metabolism.

“Taking a cannabis suppository containing THC rectally means it won’t get you ‘high'”

When humans take medicine, some of it is lost in the process of digestion, and of it some is lost in the process of the liver processing it. This is true for normal drugs. So, for example, after taking Aspirin, only 68% of the Aspirin will ever actually make it into the bloodstream. The Aspirin is first absorbed in the gastrointestinal system, it then goes through the portal vein, goes into the liver, and only then reaches the bloodstream. Pharmaceutical companies know this, and they adjust their dosages accordingly. They say that the bioavailability of Aspirin is 68%. That means that for every 100mg of Aspirin you take, only 68mg actually makes it into the body. The rest of the Aspirin is lost in the process of digestion and processing.

First-pass metabolism is when the liver absorbs and metabolizes an active compound into an inactive compound.

Why is this first-pass concept important? Taking THC rectally bypasses the liver. In fact, taking THC this way does not result in any hallucinogenic effects. Taking a cannabis suppository containing THC rectally means it won’t get you ‘high’.

Secondly, because taking cannabis oil rectally or vaginally bypasses the liver, THC is available much quicker. This is important especially for pain relief.

And, thirdly, the bioavailability of cannabis oil taken rectally is far greater than taking the oil orally. More cannabinoids make it into your system:

cannabis oil suppository bioavailability bar chart
Cannabis oil suppository bioavailability bar chart

Who can benefit from taking cannabis oil suppositories?

Anybody using cannabis oil will benefit from taking it in suppository format.

  1. The dosage you receive is stronger
  2. The effects of cannabinoids and terpenes are available to the body much quicker, and
  3. It doesn’t get you high (‘stoned’)

We especially recommend taking suppositories as part of a cancer therapy. Rick Simpson discovered (some may say rediscovered!) the anti-cancer properties of cannabis oil, and there are now thousands and thousands of stories about the healing powers of cannabis oil for cancer. And many, many scientific studies on it’s effectiveness in battling cancer.

People suffering with chronic pain should try cannabis oil suppositories. No ‘high’ means that you can work during the day and the effects of pain reduction are much quicker.

For those not wanting to smoke cannabis, or those having digestion issues, taking cannabis oil in a suppository format can be a better alternative.

Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Oil Suppositories
Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Oil Suppositories

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Listen to Cannabis Health Radio, Episode 298.

Bozidar Radisic, a Slovenian cannabis researcher and activist, has been successful in treating thousands of people with cannabis oil via suppositories for many years. Researchers have found that the lymphatic system, which helps wash away toxins and unwanted substances that heal the body, contains high levels of CBD and THC. Suppositories are given to the rectum and vagina because parts of the body are considered to be the most important areas of lymphatic activity. Another advantage is that it has no psychological impact.

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